Please. a spell to get rid of my obsession? (for some good advice ...)

Well, I’m wasting my time with stupid things. It seems that the person I want is inaccessible to me. I did some rituals to get closer to her but it seems that nothing is done. She is Muslim and very practicing so I imagine she is somehow protected. And I think she sees someone else … For my part, I have a relationship and I love my spouse. We are an open couple, she is attracted to other women. So, I consider ourselves polyamorous. My question is: how can I get rid of my obsession with her? It is inevitable that I will see her again since she is one of my wife’s friends. By the way, my wife knows the little beguin I have for her friend. Whenever I see her again, I become troubled. And I think of her for days. So, does anyone know an effective spell to physically remove him from my life? And that my obsession with her disappears?

Call on Belial.

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What do you advise me to no longer feel what I feel for this woman. Do you have a way to proceed? With the DoM do you believe if it could work with Belial? Merci