Playlist that is supposed to make you astral project

I heard about this playlist called Qabalista on spotify. It’s rumored to be made by people into witchcraft and that the songs lyrics on the playlists are different spells and if you listen to the full playlist in one go you’re supposed to astral project.

Anyone else heard of this or know of this? I wanna try it just for fun but it’s also 45 minutes of my time lol. Wanted to get this out here in case anyone wanna try it or knows anything about this

Never heard of it, it does sound interesting — to which it holds the same weight to chanting or mantras; what seems to work best for me with playlists is a selection of binaural beats fused with ambience but a repetitive pulsating beat… like a heartbeat. When that pulsating beat is there it makes it easier. Although I do like variety :slight_smile:

The one I’m using tonight:

Take care

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Tiktok loves it’s false information.
I will say that the playlist is rather catchy, so it is fun to listen to.

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