Playing tracks in Evocations

Lets say if i’m evoking an entity and i play the entity’s enn/chant in the background using speakers like what Koetting did for the Azi-Dahaka ritual,will it centre you in the evocation in a more efficient and effective way or is it just a tool of focus? S.Connolly has some amazing tracks

I’ve been doing that, I recorded a few things (including enns) on this cheap digital recorder I use and looped them on my laptop, and since I was advised to do this by dem spirits directly :slight_smile: I think it has a magickal use, as well as helping set a really powerful atmosphere.

I also recorded the reversed afrin from that video - it’s about a minute long and the audio’s nice and clear - I used VLC media to record it as an MP3, and I use that a lot for work involving Ahriman and various demons. I tried to record it myself (it’s from the book Gates Of Dozak by Ford) but my version came out sounding crappy even after a couple of tries, so I gave up!