Playing in my own head and the effects on reality


Last night I decided that I needed a break from working with the entities I am currently working with. I decided to do magic for simply no other reason then to have fun. I started to meditate then after a while I fired up the old incense and structured Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars.

The smoke swirled around as I started mentally playing the Sith Theme in my head. As It cresendoed a black hooded figure sat on a futuristic looking throne.

“Good, good…” It greeted me. “You seek power…”

Then we talked about the Darkside, how anger can be channled and used as a focus of power, and Darth Sidious’ path to power.

He left me with encouraging words, replacing “darkside of the force” with “black magic”.

All in all it was fun as hell.

I was very angry and stressed about an exam that I had to take today, but remembering Palpatine’s words I used my fear and anger as a channel to structure Hermes, Thoth, and Mercury to help me remember what I studied. The answers flowed through me. Even when I didn’t understand the question I saw the correct answer and just knew it was the correct answer. I did very well on the exam.

It was fun 10/10 would evoke that thoughtform again.


Haha. Nice.


Lol, I even downloaded a free lightsaber app for my phone cause I feel so Sith.


Haha, I was just about to post something talking about individual psychology in magic. I’m still going to post but this is just epic.


It’s true, fear and anger can be used as a really good boost. I’m not someone who gets fearful or angry very easily though. but at times when I have its been useful.


Honestly, I believe this is the best path to magic. I mean, I can understand the allure of a lot of pre-known entities, and having relationships with them is great. However, I feel that at the same time, a lot of the use of these entities comes from a lack of self-confidence or self-reliance, needing an “outside” power to help out. But when we play with something that we “know” comes from “fantasy”, I feel it gives a lot greater sense of how powerful we are. I mean, even though Sidious is a thoughtform… so is everything else.

I mean, even though I’m a human being, “the1gza” according to Orismen, Icarus, Lady Eva, E.A. is always going to be different, even if it is ever so slightly. So even though I have an absolute existence, I’ll always be a thoughtform when perceived by others. So I really feel like exploring and creating new paradigms that have no basis in human “history” or accepted human practice is a hallmark that will be crucial in really evolving what we are doing with magic.



I’m doing this “inner daemon” operation where you “evoke” the inner / “higher” part of yourself that’s closer to “Source” (sorry for all the quote marks but these really are “yeah, right” concepts in this particular operation) - you first visualise someone you’re passionately in love with, focus strongly, then at first “imagine” them being wise, divine, etc, and evetually interact with them. At some point I’m going to merge with mine, I can’t remember if that’s in the book but it seems like a logical step to take during workings and it MAY be a way to answer the question I posted on here, about retaining will while in a state so close to Source that the will is imposed directly on the universe.

(I think that’s what gods do, how they “work” and it’s my goal to attain that state as well. Probably wackjob metaphysics there but, just being share-y.)

It’s early days yet and I have a feeling it takes a while for the “higher” levels of the self to release into the summoned daemon-self, but so far it’s been incredible with regards to the feelings, the emotional intensity and also sense of becoming complete again, and if I have more concrete results to share, I’ll do so!