Plastic Life

How long does it take to change Physical Apperance by Plastic surgery

It depends on what you do.
I get a boobs job 7 months ago and their aspect is still changing, even if I only get prostheses.

Saying that I’m not a 100% sure i get your question ^^.

Like renewing skin
And some nose and eye job

If you have the money it won’t take long. Maybe the nose job (that depends on HOW much of material they have to take away/reshape) but Botox, Hyaluronic Acid or a lifting doesn’t take that long to heal.
What do you mean by “eye job”? A lifting of the eye lids, under eye pouches treatment…?

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For my skin im going to do laser in order to get rid of some scars but it is expensive. You have mesotherapy (250€) too which gives more water to your skin. I did a peeling (90€)once and it gives good results too.
For shaping your nose you can use botox but i dont know how much it costs as i never did it.

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Well i’ll ask Demons and use my own mind power to heal faster

Is there a way to get a boob job without paying like alter your body parts?

Train push-ups, and generally chest muscles.