Plants and Spirits

So I have always had a green thumb when it comes to having and growing plants. Lately though any plant that I bring into my home seems to die and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. Well I think I know why. Is it possible to have an unwanted spirit in my home that may be killing them. I do a house cleans every other week but thinking they may be hiding in the plants. Is this at all possible?


You could explicitly cleanse them, too. I don’t know I remember reading about this type of thing here (parasites killing plants), but they are a living thing. And potted ones have also lost their direct connection to the Earth, so it’s not like they can disperse such things as easily.


If you think it may be a bad spirit of negative energy, you could try these techniques as well.

Pot Rings
Outer layer ring around plant pot - Cayenne/Red Pepper
Inner layer ring around plant pot - Sea/Himilayan Sea Salt
Red pepper or cayenne pepper will keep ants, earwigs, etc away.
Sea salt circles are a protective sphere, when laying it, this should be the intent.

Plant Strengthening/Calming/Healing
Cup your hands around the base of the plant, even last two fingers in soil, forming a loose ring around stalk
Place your intention, with controlled breathing, to be fully relaxed.
Imagine a golden warm ball of light as if from the sun forming in and around the stalk.
Recite a calming mantra over the plant as your imagination and hands cupped around the plant move upward slowly, repeating the calming mantra until the golden light has completely enveloped the plant.
Now do the same with a Healing mantra.
Now do the same with a Strength mantra.


I too love my plants and are very much a “green witch” when it comes to that lol. @Nightside nailed it quite well! And with his advise I would also suggest putting small amethyst chips or stones in your pot plants, after you’ve done Fuego’s suggestions. Charge the crystals with your intention of healing, strength and protection etc. This is one of amethyst’s many amazing properties!


Thank you everyone for your replies. It is much appreciated. I will try them out.


I see this as a good sign.
Nature and certain plants are great for discharging bad energy and charging yourself with new energy.

In my house, When I feel myself full of bad energy, I rub my hand over certain plants and some of them dry up and die in a few days.
When someone here is sick, some plants turn yellow and weak.

Consider this as a good thing.


Just make sure not to actually put a salt ring into the plant pot, since that will damage or even kill the plant.


Not sure I like sacrificing my plants. Could one not make a talisman or something to do the same job?