Planting Thoughts

Anyone else have luck linking to someone and planting thoughts in their head? I.e see someone you’re interested in and planting thoughts and soon as you open your eyes their wanting to chat?
This is mainly LHP here so would this be considered unethical even by LHP standards?


This is essentially what Lord Kiltan from BoA does, it isn’t considered particularly unethical by LHP standards.

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Paimon gave me a technique I will share tommrow


I was able to actually do it! I called out to Lucifer for it and he’s been good to me for alot of things. But I would definitely be interested in expanding my horizons on new entitys and techniques.

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Why wait? :slight_smile:

manipulating thoughts came naturally to me, probably why I like working with Paimon so much!

My personal technique is to first, understand what they are thinking. You need to remove a thought before you can replace it with another. Once you understand what possible thoughts could be running through their head, direct the energy of removing the unwanted thought first, and pull it out of their mind. Let the thought disappear into air so it doesn’t go to someone else, or back into their head. Then push energy into their mind, and place the thought. Become that person, think as that person. Make their mind be consumed by the thought you are placing. Even for me, I have to hold the thought in their mind for a solid minute before I feel it’s enough. The more energy you direct into it, the less you need to awkwardly stare at them.

As for the thought itself, make sure if has a visual aspect to it, lots of people hear/ see themselves thinking the thought before they say it. You want the thought to feel normal to them!

If you have any other questions feel free to PM me! I have been able to change thoughts since I was little, but only use it for personal reasons, never to harm another person. (Unless they’re REALLY pissing me off :laughing: )


Oh and, eye contact works. If you are talking to them face to face, using the eyes is best. It is said the eyes are the window to the soul! (or mind, in this case)


The way I personally have been doing it is creating a link just too pass those thoughts in, and then push words into their head, and more then likely depends on the person your influencing! I feel like some are a bit tougher nuts to crack depending on will and what not.
The question is what happens if it’s another magician without you knowing, could definitely result in some issues.

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This is something that is almost unintentional with me whether it is linking to them in mind or the universe pushing the scales.

Example; I want my beer cold at home, I know I have a beer there, which one I want. However, i don’t specify who to put it in the fridge, but the options are limited anyway I know subconsciouslly. Just my wife, sure enough I come home from work and she tells me the beer sitting on the floor bothered her enough after days that she put it in the fridge.

On other occasions its more people seem to note my emotions for them and reciprocate back to me, so always good to have nice thoughts to others.

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In my experience with the Archangel Metatron, this is exactly what he does. He channels source energy to influence individuals in order to manifest my requests.

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I know this thread is old but i looked up thought planting after evoking dantalion & this is exactly how he told me to do it!

See the thoughts from their perspective. Be that person.

Look at yourself from their eyes & imagine that thought consuming their mind

Lock eyes with them & its done.

Its crazy that i never once researched this & found the same info Dantalion told me! Shout out to my man forreal.