Plant-based entities

Lately I’ve been very interested in the entities that are contacted through entheogens. Native Americans have great reverence for “Mescalito”, a teacher they say can only be visited through peyote. Terence McKenna said that in his experiments with psilocybin, he was made aware that the mushroom itself was an ancient, galaxy-covering entity containing massive amounts of knowledge. Myself, I’ve noticed a definite presence and voice behind certain, more exotic strains of cannabis. White sage also has a very strong, protector sort of presence as well.

I’m curious if anyone here has any experience with these beings, or if they have ever been called forth with evocation-based methods. It seems to me that when you ingest their associated substances, you lose a great deal of control over the situation, with the entity calling the shots. The potential to learn is there, but amidst a lot of chaos.

I dont have the necessary materials to try this at the moment, but I feel that if these beings could be called forth through evocation, where we hold much more control, some amazing secrets would be brought to light. Even possibly taking the substances, then trying evocation, if at all possible.

Anyone have some ideas?

somewhat related, somewhat not… check out Daniel schulke’s work, he goes into depth with crossing spagyrics with “evocation”(each plant is has a genius/spirit that rules over that plant) he’s what originally got me interested in medical herbalism and what got me taking the idea of using substances to enhance spirituality seriously. though you’ll have to get use to his pseudo old English language style. btw you can find most of his works online if you look hard enough.