Planning on relocating , need to find job on the other side of the country?

Any good spirits for this ? I’ll have a little saved up and a good reliable , running vehicle ( thanks to the help of KP) but I’d feel a lot more comfortable with a job lined up first or someone to stay with temporarily.

I know one guy in the area I’m moving to but he’s struggling a little and needs a roommate but because of his lease and problems with his ex ( still lives with her) it doesn’t look promising anytime soon.

I’ve already learned the hard lesson of manipulating a situation that is very unfavorable for you to begin with is kinda a waste of time.

Now he does know someone who works for a pipefitting company with his father and seeing as I’ve done mostly construction my whole life it could work out , if it’s a union I’d stick with it because he makes good money but this is on the otherside of the country so there’s no promises.

I need a spirit who can help me find a decent paying job quickly after I get there or make friends with someone “in power”/ well off.

Yes moving from EC>WC.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks guys.