Planning a ritual for Naamah

I am planning a ritual to Naamah that will take place in a week. The ritual is taken out of Tree of the Qliphoth by the Temple of Ascending Flame. The ritual will consist of The Pentagram Ritual of the Dark Tower (pg. 30) as an opening and The Gates of Naamah (pg. 23) as the ritual itself.

I have to ask something to make sure the outcome of this ritual will not come back around to bite me.

M. King describes Naamah on page 23 as “very primal and atavistic in nature, very untamed and raw.” and goes on to say she awakens these forces inside of those who petition her. Does this mean she will cause me to act impulsively in atmospheres (such as work) where such activities will be unsuitable? Or does it mean she will provide for me the opportunities and correct atmospheres to express these aspects of the self?


Working with Naamah is usually a starting point for further explorations. She’s the most “eartly” Demon-Godess, she can be seducive, very sexual, but she’s also the gardian of the Gate of the Nightside. I find it’s not hard to contact her and to have very beneficial realationship.
No, she won’t make you act impilsively. I’ve had experiences of more vivid dreams, must say - quite pleasant.


I once invoked her to help me with some issues …and it worked out…

Also she acts as a great foundation in your magic starting just with her and you will end up with several spirits later to act on your goals…

But mostly important is your trust in her and believe in the manifestation of your task…

I wish you all the best…

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I have read multiple accounts where demons/spirits take on forms befitting how the magician perceives or expects to perceive them. I get different accounts from both the books and this site. So I get two distinct ideas flooding my mind.

However, you’re right. I have to put my trust in myself and her.