Planetray hours and planetary days, is it necessary?

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(i dont know where to put this so i put this at general discussion)

i would like to know are the planetray hours and planetary days, necessary?

if so… should i use both or can i just stick with the right planetry hour at any random day?

where can i find a legit chart with information about the planets in magical operations?
i know that they linked with hermetic qabalah.
but some planets i dont know.
i know that venus is for love, jupiter for money, mars for war. mercury for knowledge, the moon for divination. saturn for baneful.
but i dont know if i got it correct, i dont want to create counter effects so if you got the knowledge or links please share.


Please try using the search function in the upper right before asking common questions. This question has been asked and answer many times.

The planetary correspondences are only necessary if you work within a magical system that uses them.

If you want to work planetary magick, the hour is considered more important than the day.


thanks you sir @DarkestKnight

first of all very big thanks for answering my question. not only for the fact that i got the knowledge i was looking for, but also because you are quite advanced.

i did checked the search bar for planetary hours aswell as planetary days. i did not find the answers.

about the abramelin squares can i open them at any random day and any random time?

you said in your reply that the planetray hours only is needed for system that using them.

how about making a petition to a deamon like satanachia i understand the planet of this deamon is mercury. can i make the petition on Thursday since it is the day of mercury or can i make the petition at any random day and time?

what/which are magical systems that uses planetary hours? is that a magical system that works direct with the planets. e.x. place a blue candle on a the sigil of jupiter?


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i would like to ask you if you could also answer at
my other topic about deamons and harmful effects

Petitions are meant to be simple. You don’t need to complicate them by worrying about astrological correspondences.


Most direct system of planetary magick, like the Golden Dawn system, or Jason Miller’s system, use the planetary days and hours. Traditional grimoire magick, like the Black Pullet, and the Armadel does too.

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It’s easy way to umph your magick power to use the proper timing of spells type using certain planet energy. Necessary? no. however, it can help make your spells work better. And that’s what you want. Using the planet times isn’t such a nuisance either. It’s not like you have to go gather a bunch of props and prepare which can be time consuming.

Think of it as similar process of using different color candles for certain spells.

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