Planetary Spirits/Demons

I have info on Olympic spirits, archangels, and planetary intelligences. However, where as the book I’m reading discusses what planetary spirits look like, it includes nothing as to what they do. It claims they “are comprised of ungoverned pure planetary energy without focus, and should always be directed by the appropriate planetary intelligence and archangel when used.” This tells me that they are just chaotic planetary forces that need to be controlled. It doesn’t tell me why I want to call on one in the first place. I find it strange how there’s details on what Olympic spirits, archangels, and planetary intelligences can accomplish but not what they look like but include what planetary spirits look like but not what they can accomplish.

The planetary Intelligence is the overarching guiding hand of the planet. They are good for knowledge about the specific energies of their sphere.

The planetary Spirits are the ones to call for material tasks.

So, you would call the planetary Spirit of Jupiter if you need money for example, but you would call the planetary Intelligence of Jupiter if you want to know how Jupiter represents the concept of expansion and how it can be used for such.

Both the Intelligence and Spirits have appeared humanoid, in my experience.