Planetary magick for business growth

Just wandering which planetary influences you consider to govern businesses on the world wide web, and interaction amongst those business’s followers/clientele via social networks? I have my own list of correspondences (not just pertaining to the planets) but it’d be interesting to hear everyone else’s associations. For example, I have venus as a social influencer, with mercury as the WW-Web itself and the movement of digital information.

During planetary workings, the construction of hypersigils and such, is it wise to combine planetary influences, if so which would you personally combine? would it be wiser to work with one at a time?

I will choose Jupiter for commercial issues.I correspond mercury to communication and information-gathering skills, while venus to personal charm. For example, I may invoke mercury influence before an online meeting or a phone call, while invoking venus for an offline meeting with a customer.

I feel planetary forces can disturb each other, so each time I only work with one.