Planetary Magick and the magickal name

So for the longest time I’ve been thinking about looking up the numerology associated with my name in order to figure out what planet it corresponds to, and then further try to figure out my magickal name. To me, the magical name has always been something that’s slipped between the lines. I’ve tried out a ton, but never found that divine resonance that I felt it required.

So I finally look up the number, get my planet, and turns out it’s the same exact planet that I’ve ALWAYS felt drawn to ever since I got into magick. Funny how that works huh? To me, there’s never been any question about my belonging to Saturn. After checking the numerology, ding ding; Saturn.

So here’s the crazy thing. I look up the sigil while watching EA’s lecture on evoking spirits on youtube. In the video, he’s going over charging sigils. Now I’ve done this before, but the emphasis on how easy it is just made think, “Hm. Maybe I’ll connect to Saturn and see if it has anything for me.”

I want to make this clear; I’ve only recently even ventured the guess that I’m successfully channeling. I’ve never done an evocation and my magical vision is nonexistant. However, when I looked at the sigil and pulled back my vision, it went fucking crazy. It literally felt like a lightning bolt of energy immediately jumped out of the screen and smashed into my chest. I knocked my screen off the table to get it away and sat there shaking and holding my head in a fetal position for about a minute before I got up, looked over, and just thought to myself; “Damn.” as though that summed up the entire occasion.

So here’s my question. I’m deeply, deeply connected to Saturn. I’ve felt the pull my entire life, and upon arriving in the occult around a year ago I figured out what it was exactly that the feeling was; Saturn itself. I want to keep working on it and more deeply explore it, without potentially screwing myself. What are your recommendations to proceed? Any time I even give it a sideways glance I can feel the incarnate current reaching out to me. Should I just dive in and see what happens? I know Saturn is related to the darker energies of death and such, so I want to be careful with it.

To me, Saturn isn’t just a gateway; it’s the universe itself.

Aside from this, I really want to learn more about Saturn in lore and history. I’ve done some research and found a few angels and such associated with it, but really there’s not a lot of information that I can really sink my teeth into. Perhaps it’s the death current I’ve been feeling, I don’t know, but I want to learn more. Any good reading or videos or such?

It’s a strange feeling, being suddenly tied to the source… the source of what? I don’t know. But I need to.

I too have felt drawn towards Saturn.If you don’t mind me asking,what process did you use to get you’re majickal name?Also in one of Thomas Karlson’s books he gives a sigil for the demons that rule over each planet.Maybe you should try to contact that entity.You might learn more about your connection to that sphere.

From Cheiro’s Book of Numbers:

To find the exact day in any month of the year whose vibration will be favorable, or in other words “lucky” to any individual, the simplest rule is to work out by the following table, the occult number produced by the letters of their name. This ancient Chaldean and Hebrew alphabet sets out the number or value of each letter. It is the best system I know for this purpose; its originis lost in antiquity, but it is believed that it was originated by the Chaldeans, who were masters in all magical arts, and by them passed to the Hebrews.

1 2 3 4 5 8 3 5 1 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 1 2 3
4 6 6 6 5 1 7
It will be seen that there is no number 9 given in the above alphabet, for the simple reason that those ancient masters of Occultism knew that in the “Highest Sphere” the number 9 represents the 9-lettered name of God, and for thisreason no single letter was ascribed to it.
If, however, the letters in a name should total up and produce the number 9, the meaning of it is that given as I set out in the previous chapter dealing with the number 9, and for the compound numbers of the 9 such as the 18, 27,etc.

So, take your first & surname, find the corresponding number for each. E.G. First name 7 + Last name 16 would give you 23. Now you can either go by this compound number or break 23 down into 2 + 3 which would give you ‘5’ as your occult number.


The book is actually quite good & I recommend it for beginners to numerology. I actually prefer to go by the date I was born rather than my Christian name. For instance my birth number is a ‘7’, which corresponds to Neptune, the realm of the occult, dreams, and magick.
What a coincidence, eh?

Thus for myself, the most powerful magick workings should be performed on dates that of the month that correspond to my number, such as 7, the 16th(1+6), the 25th(2+5). The numbers also have ‘friends’ that they are compatible with. For instance my working friend is the moon, the number 2.

Numerolgy can be quite useful, and it’s relatively simple to learn. So, to create a magickal name you’d adopt a name based on your occult number that corresponds to the vibration. Be creative, meditate on it.


Thanks for the info! I’ll definitely check that book out.For now I’ll use what you gave in your post and the chart of the hebrew alphabet and their associations to letters and numbers given in Karlson’s book.

Should I include my middle names? (I have 3)

This is the reason I prefer to go by the birth number. There are too many variables otherwise. When you find your number, you will KNOW.

My advice would be go by what ‘feels’ right to you. What name do YOU go by in your day-to-day life? Find the corresponding number, find it’s occult meaning, and ask yourself if it is a proper match.

So I came up with 29 for my birth name (or 11) and 24 (or 6) But there’ planet reference.reference.For 29 it’s not on the table but it says 6 corresponds to Taurus.Oh and the elemental quality is hearing

Oh and the elemental quality is hearing and 6 is related to The Hierophant Tarot card.Should I use the planet associated with the hierophant?

You’re getting there…so now you have a compound number, 11:

11.This is an ominous number to occultists. It gives warning of hidden dangers, trial, and treachery from other. It has a symbol of “a Clenched Hand,” and “a Lion Muzzled,” and of a person who will have great difficulties to contend against.

This is NOT your personal ‘occult’ number…this is a compound number used more for omens. Like when people see the number ‘11’ or ‘13’ constantly, understand? Use this for discernment, not attachment.

Now…why don’t you ADD 1 + 1 together, and get the number of the ruling planetary body for that numerical vibration. (Hint: I mentioned it in my above post, 2 corresponds to the moon). The number 6 would correspond to Venus.


Dude, seriously, just read the book, lol!

Lol right before I read your post I looked up Taurus’s association with venusVenus.Libra is also associated with Venus which is awesome because that’s the sign I was born under! Weird how that all worked out.Thanks for your help buddy! And I’ll try to get my hands on that book lol