Planetary Magick and Days of the Week

Hello all!

I am currently working on the Kabbalah and, by extension, the 7 planets. The issue I am running into is the days of the week.

For example, I am currently working with Geburah (Mars) to be more assertive as this is something I lack. I’m seeing results. However, I work with Mars on the traditionally prescribed day which is Tuesday. This is a tad limiting for me to only work with this energy on one day out of the week. For me, I also try not to do any other magickal work while doing this as I want all of my energy directed at one goal at a time (something Mars taught me btw).

Does anyone else have this problem? Also, does anyone work with the 7 planets outside of the prescribed times? If so, what has been your results?

Thanks in advance.

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Thats an interesting approach, there is a page I follow for my orations, and the invocations of the planets are from Ashes book The Complete Golden Dawn Initiate.

Every day of the week in my journal, has invocations. These may or may not be part of a ritual but it a daily ritual itself. These prayers have power.

Instead of working with Mars only on its day of the week, try working with it in its planetary hour every day. In his book Advanced Planetary Magick, Jason Miller contends that the hour is more important than the day, as it is the time when the planetary energy is more concentrated, whereas the day is a more general. Think of the day as a lens, and the hour as a laser beam focused through that lens.

For example, according to Miller, working in the hour of Mars on a Friday would give you the energy of Mars of Venus, and working in the hour of Mars on a Monday, it would be Mars of Luna.


Holy cow, is that a revelation for me, that is a fantastic idea. I can say I had results (I believe anyway) with Tzadkiel that way.

Ahh yes! I never knew the planetary hours were “stronger” than the days. I’ve always thought that it was the other way around.



You’re welcome!

Think of the planetary day as the flavouring, while the hours are the meal itself, so basically every planetary hour will have the “spice” of whatever day it is.

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Either the hours or the day could be important. Remember that the 1st hour of the day is the ruling hour, and has thr most potency; days are measured from sunrise to sunrise.

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