Planetary level of conciense possibly being crushed within lifetime

OAA had to make sure E.A. is as capable as possible to compete with this.
When The Einstein Level of Knowledge is being passed, he should still be easily keeping up, after the rituals done and worked through.
Still, there’s going to be some point his magickal capcity might be reached by the scentient evolvement that’s progressed by a collective working at the “kids playing with bombs” level of minds - that work at the basics of evolution to progress beyond our own current race.

Becoming and being is a concept that isn’t just protected by mystery anymore, and we may have to adapt to what’s upcomming.

The rules of reality are adaptable to us, and changable for some of us.
Most surely many miss out at the fact that we aren’t the only ones with this capabilities.
Thus, Ascend is quickened as we acknowledge thread’s may come up unforeseeable by now.

(this could be titled petition to god, yet i found that title unnecessary) :smile: