Planetary hours?

I am planning on doing a working to Sachiel/Jupiter on Thursday night. I have a lot of prep work though.
Can I do some of the prep work on Wednesday night? As long as I do it in the hour of Jupiter?
What is the hour of Jupiter on a Wednesday.

I would do things like write sigils on candles, maybe make a “tablet of lights” for it, That sort of thing.

if this is correct:

it looks like I could maybe do it from 20:17 to 20:25 tomorrow, if it is alright???

Ultimately prep-work when working with planetary magick, rather than solar/lunar, is best done on the day and, if you can, the hour of the planet you are aligning with. Especially Jupiter. I’ve found he’s quite picky when performing magick in his honor. That’s all I can really say though, as I prefer daemonic magick over planetary magick. Best of luck!

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