Planetary hours use

What is best way to use the planetary hours

For instance if i have a spirit from venus i want o call on, i can wait for Friday since its the day rules by venus or can i do it also in the venus hour of anyday?

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The best way to contact Venus: Friday, hour of Venus. I always get the best results this way

As @alicia92 said, the best way is to use the appropriate hour and the day. However, in his book Advanced Planetary Magick, Jason Miller says that the hour is more important because, whereas the energy of the day is diffuse, the hour is concentrated. So think of it this way, the hour is the laser beam and the day is the lens through which it is focused.

So, using your example, if you cannot wait for Friday for your Venus ritual, then you could use the hour of Venus on Tuesday (or any other day).

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greatly thanks, I am gonna use the hours :slight_smile:

The hour is not really so important but it helps if you are a beginner in summoning and conjuring. The day is

I am a beginner with some results so I want to get it right as much as possible

regarding planetary days and hours. Has anyone informed the spirits and gods that today is Saturday and whatever hour it is? These ancient spirits pre-date the Gregorian calendar our concept of modern day keeping has only existed for a couple thousand years…

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You can try it yourself for example the invoking Hexagramm of the Moon. Try it every day and see when it does vibrate stronger in you or near you (poltergeist). That’s why is such a witchy workbook needed, where you write your experiments… It’s for the aha moments when everything is as logical as it can get.

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