Planetary hours and days. how to use them?

So I am a Libra, that means Venus/Haniel and Friday are good for me. I looked at the planetary hours and see that this is the Jupiter hour.

How would I get my birth angel to work with the hour angel to get me more stuff? I would like to have more stuff.

To be a little more serious.
How do you combine planetary/angelic powers. Is there a formula? Would I light a royal blue candle for Sachiel and a green candle for Haniel. Do I give a crap about them, should I just go to the planets themselves and leave the Archangel notions out of it?
What do I do?

(also, if I am reluctant to trust that a God from Christianity would help me with much anything should they be left out, meaning I see God as a dead-beat, lots of wonderful stories and no real action to back it up. does that mean that any sort of magick I try with Angels is doomed, because internally I don’t believe they are willing to help)