Planetary afflictions nixing, snuffing spells

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Lust of results (lust for results) is often identified as a major factor that may counteract spells. But there is another major factor that is largely ignored… Planetary afflictions!

Such effects of planetary afflictions were first brought to me ten years ago. An astrologer explained to me that magick rarely does circumvent planetary afflictions. She recommends utilizing the astrological aspects of the 72 spirits (Goetia, Shem) to effect the necessary changes on the subject’s situation. Only thing is, very few magicians may have the skills to circumvent such afflictions.

Unless you disbelieve it all, how would you go about curing or bypassing such natural magnetic energies in a person’s birth chart? This is very serious matter, and apparently, the reason why many individuals fail to succeed in spellcasting and magick even if they do everything right is the ill effects of inauspiciously placed astronomical bodies at the time of birth.

@Dankquanicus may have some ideas? They are pretty up to the snuff when it comes to this topic.

I can’t even understand what my chart houses and placements mean.

I find it fascinating and the parts I do understand make sense to me but it’s one of those topics I’ve downloaded a dozen books get started and haven’t actually done much more than generic research and experimentation with so far.

If I recall correctly there is a systematic way to incorporate your magical works with your chart and the overall climate, but it’s something that requires a fair amount of foundational knowledge first.


This certainly makes sense to me, since magick does not move beyond fate. After all, it was a desire that led you to perform that ritual etc. Making it part of fate.

The Planets can reveal a part of fate that one may struggle with.

My advice for the average modern magician who does not have great knoweldge or skill in traditional western astrology (since that is the tradition I am most familiar with), is to follow what the Vedic practitioners do to alleviate planetary afflictions, and develop a good relationship with the Planets, since luckily this does not require great knowledge of astrology for at least some of the techniques. It may work to alleviate problems, so that is one option! Otherwise one may pray to the Gods and develop a close relationship with them. See how that works!


Sorry I edited my post cause i didn’t see this. For magic it is better to do it on a day and hour of the planet ruling your 8th house and 12th house. Look on the Internet for Vedic hora chart, it will give you different planet that rules over a certain period of time (60 minutes or a lil bit less) during the day. If in your Vedic birth chart Mercury rules your 8th house, you can for example do your ritual on a Wednesday and in the hour of the 12th house lord.
8th house is the house of magic, occult studies and 12th house is for the other world, astral world, dreams. That why they are considered malefic house because you don’t really know what can come from there until you master those houses

Look for planets sitting in your 4th, 5th, and 9th house if it happens those planets are afflicted by an aspect of a malefic planets, check where the rulers of these house are placed and try to connect with what they represent in your chart and for the afflicted planet You need to appease by doing what the planet wants you to do, to repay your karma. For example Saturn in 2nd house can make you poor early in life by restricting your ressources until you get matured, disciplined about managing carefully your money, so you need to carefully analyse your birth chart and see the planet that giving you troubles, see it placement in the chart, what house it rules and its aspects on other planets. What I can add is check what is your ascendant and its lord , it will give you some indication of what planet is giving you troubles in certain area of life. Like Pisces ascendant is ruled by Jupiter; the ruler of the 3rd (venus), 6th house (sun), 8th house(venus) and 12th house( Saturn) are malefic for these folks wherever they are placed they will give troubles ONLY when dealing person, living being, There is a concept of living and non living effects of planets upon us. A malefic planet in 11th house can give you very bad relationships with friends, older siblings ( living persons)… but will be great for gains, liquid cash ( non living), Jupiter, Mars, moon and mercury are benefic planets for a Pisces ascendant so i would rather connect with these planets or correspondences to get more reliefs.

There is what we call Madadasha it is the main period of a planet like sun period is 7 years, moon 10, Rahu 16 years, venus 20 years. It can happen that you are running in a mahadasha of a malefic planet that can make you think that your life is cursed but when it’s time has passed and it is time for your benefic planet mahadasha literally everything can change in your life

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any practical books you might recommend for that?

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Not that I know of, I’m afraid.