Planes of existence and pure death/immortality

I know that if you die in astral you will not be dead untill your phisical body is alive. But if your both physical and astral body will be destroyed, will you keep exist or it is the very end?

Good friend of mine, that is extremely advanced magician and great teacher told me “Beyond physic there is no other planes of existence but astral”. He proved his competence many times but I have doubt in this specific thing. He came to this conclusion based on his research, but even though “Do not believe anyone including me”, he said.

These questions related to universe arrangement. If there more planes of existence than just physical and astral? I will be glad to read your opinion and make discussion. Peace be upon you

What a great question, I love this kind of discussion. :slight_smile:

Well, traditions including Tibetan buddhism and Egyptian philosophy going back thousands of years agree with you. Both of these have a “book of the dead” (which you can still buy today) that describes multiple layers of existence that a spirit incarnates through to become human.
… And vice versa, when you die you shed each layer, or body, one by one until you reach pure spirit again.

Personally I follow these models and I do believe spirit is immortal. I think a lot of the feeling that’s it’s not comes from this memory wipe thing that happens to humans on incarnation. A huge part of the effort in becoming ascended is to develop the strength and skill to retain the conscious memory within the individual and not get memory wiped. This is what I see as “breaking the wheel of incarnation “ that is the desired goal of enlightenment. It’s the same thing ss the western occultusts “know thyself”. If you remember you you really are while human it can’t be taken away again.


Reincornation on Earth exist for those who has a strong faith in it and for some individuals (Lucius for example) and my teacher is also one of them

Some spiritual authors hold that there is at least one more plane and body beyond astral, indeed the soul or spirit is theoretically immortal but the point would be that it is impersonal.
The work (or part of it) of the adept, according to such “school”, is thus to merge the astral and the spiritual.

That’s kinda like asking if past lives are real.


I assume you mean “until your physical body is dead”. Correct me if I’m wrong though :slight_smile: Combined with that, I have a hunch that death on the astral plane is more symbolic than pragmatic, as opposed to someone dying on the physical plane, and potentially ascending to the astral.

This is what we call Unverified Personal Gnosis (UPG). Key word is “unverified”. It is good to learn and find out for yourself.

I’m certain a few people would say yes. Personally I’m only concerned with four dimensions (the fourth being time).

My question to you is: what do you hope to achieve by finding more than the given dimensions (singular, horizontal, vertical, time)?

If your astral body is destroyed your physical body dies as well without the animating force of the astral to tie your consciousness to it and seeing as the astral body is the soul if you can’t hold your consciousness together that is as close to true death as one can come at least until you eventually pull yourself back together and form a new astral body.

As to planes of existence that really depends on how you define planes of existence. Infinite timelines and realms that could be consider physical but of varying frequencies exist and likewise on the more fluid levels of energy we see as astral and each thought can itself be considered its own plane if allowed to grow and expand.

I assume you mean “until your physical body is dead”

You are correct. English is not my native language, i’m sorry for misunderstanding

My question to you is: what do you hope to achieve by finding more than the given dimensions (singular, horizontal, vertical, time)?

It’s quite simple, study it and use new opportunities to reach my goals. If your question was “Will I change my goals or find new ones with this information?” then I can’t answer it yet. I need to get this knowledge first.

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