Planatery sigils/ most attributed to baneful magick

As I become more interested in the construction and etymology if you will of planetary sigils and there attributes there’s mounds of info regarding “common” if you will desires- but little regarding baneful rituals and planetary attributes. Having trouble knowing where to start.

Mars and Saturn are considered most baneful planets. “The Magus” of Francis Barrett is good for start with planetary sigils.


That is good to know thank you. It is off topic now but the numerology behind the construction of planetary magick squares baffles me.

This has been extremely helpful. The “traditional” time honored Austin Spare method of jumbling and smashing letters together -I mean no disrespect and I hope others has had success with it- and whole is a fun art project the end results of the creation has never resonated with me- hence the lack of end results. In this case I used the square of Mars- calculated the numerical values of intent (I tried just the values without and the result didn’t resonate with me) and superimposed from there- creating a seemingly powerful aesthetic (not that aesthetics matter but the easier to open the better plus then again- it was the one I was compelled towards) sigil that I immediately felt the energy while charging. Thank you!

I know it was already mentioned, but I’m gonna act like it wasn’t. Saturn and Mars is what you’re looking for.