Plan after learning to soul travel

Once I soul travel, I will go and find my higher self and consume him/her.
I will take all his energy and become an immortal spirit being myself.
I will take all his power for myself and become my higher self by merging him into my astral body.
Then all his powers will be mine.
Then I won’t have to reincarnate unwillingly ever.

You’re making a hell of a ton of threads in a short time lol. Though in my opinion the higher self is just your true self that is already in you but you’re just reincarnated so you’re in a way bound by the laws of this place, however flexible or inflexible they are.


Nope but you can see and speak with it.



Why would you do that when it’s alright a part of you ?. All these aspects and spiritual bodies are emanations of you’re true self called Atman.

The greatest merger and becoming in soul travel is the transfiguration/merger is with the creator.
Ascending the lower condensed planes … The physical, the astral, the casual, the mental.

Then go through the darkness the abyss, the bridge that separates the lower planes from the god-planes, the soul planes.

Once there you’ll be swimming through the blood of the heart of the eternal, the light of the formative plane which is the force that is within all things. It is true unfettered raw omnipotent power.

Dissolve the form of self, in the source of this current of light and sound is a figure.
A giant humanoid shape, some call it Sat’Nam, spend more time in the current until the river of light is one with you and you are ready you’ll merge into that and become the creator and the destroyer of existence.

You will feel you’re light give form to the lower planes, condensing you’re emanations solidifying creating and destroying, not for reason but that’s because what true power does, it acts without attachment.

This is a greater journey I think you should strive towards. However this isn’t the end of your Journey it is only the beginning, you must then take that and pull it back to the self.

Through the anti-transmigration process, once done and sealed within the emanations of self can unite as one. To become the essence of the dark void, and the heart of the eternal as one condensed being. A microcosmic condensed version of the macrocosm.