Plain and Simple

Can someone help me help myself get laid goddammit!? I’d like a meaningful relationship as well… thats full of sex. I’ve used Fro’glah’tasch in the past with some results, but overall bad results.
Is evocation the best method to get results? If not whats better?
As far as evocation goes… What are some of the best demons for manifesting love/lust/passion etc.?
If you would kindly let me know what grimoure or where you found the spirits name/attributes thanks

Yes, I will help you.

  1. Go to gym and get your body looks good. That means straight position and etc.
  2. Go to hairdresser and get the modern hairs.
  3. Wear fashionable clothes and colours.
  4. Go to som good PUA internet forum / community and read how to become a magnet to the girls.
  5. Learn how to flirt and pass shit-tests.
  6. Make girls laugh
  7. Get to work now.

Finally, you can call for some demons to help you with this.

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If you already sacrificed yourself like Dellamage here says, i dunno why would you need demons- if you called demons, i don’t know why would you want to also sacrifice yourself to the modern world.

I have long hair, i guess it might not be modern - but been able to get girls before anyways. I wear black, always fashionable. Pua forums… be sure to filter unnecessary crap there. Not sure do i still believe in “shit-tests”

just glimmer of my thoughts.

Otherwise i’m not expert but doesn’t asmodeus,dantalion,and sitri specify on sex in some lvls? but if you want a longer relationship - maybe not use demon of fire and passion that is quickly burnt? i don’t know i’m not the expert just some thoughts that others can clarify.

I don’t agree with the idea that appearance is the primary factor ; you can use magic from the outset. There are as many methods for this as there are paths. If you are new, I recommend reading Mark DeSade’s book (the new edition with the sigils).