Placing sigils in aura or chakras or dantians centers

How can i implant sigils such as a sigil of a demon in my system?

Do you know if it can cause trouble to insert more than one sigil per specific localized system? i.e. a chakra or energy center.

What are the dangers if i place a sigil of a spirit inside my system?

You can inscribe one on most areas, commonly he forehead and chest, so that they’re visible to astral sight. I still carry the symbol of the OAA as I haven’t finished that set of teachings yet.

You just visualize it there, often as glowing lines of light, golden or silver, but any color that means something to help the intention is cool. Red for passion and war, green for healing, blue for mental functions, calm and protection, pink and violet for joy, black for protection and absorbing, white for giving.
You can see the lines appear as if they were traced out by un unseen hand, you can use a wand or spiritual tool to inscribe it, your fingers in sword-fingers position, or something that means something to you.

I think for an entity, this will be similar to wearing the sigil as an enchanted pendent, or open in a pocket - it keeps their energies closer to you, making them manifest in your life more easily. The downside of this is if you don’t realise events are being affected and lose control or become reactionary, or the aspects manifest in ways you didn’t want. You can also forget you have it, but it will still be there working.


This is interesting, might be useful. So then after you have the sigil inscribed on your astral body, how do you remove it?

I suppose the “drawing” it on your astral body would also activate/open it?


Do i need to have clairvoyance ability/psychic senses for this ?

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Just use visualization. People draw runes and sigils on their energy bodies to power their psychic abilities.


Runes to me are similar to sigils, they’re basically symbols with a meaning/intent. So very possible.


You don’t really put things into the chakras, the chakras are energy pools that help convert as well as help energy flow to the rest and throughout your body.

However, if you want to implant a sigil create a construct to do it or you can use your own energy to draw it onto your energy body by this I mean if you know how to do energy manipulation it would make it easier.

the dangers are you’re giving that entity full access to your energy system, your energy system works similar to your physical body in the sense that your energy will try and fight off foreign energy if it can but if it can’t you gave some entity full access.

Runes are very different in this sense, runes have various effects and uses an entity’s sigil is giving that entity access to your system. Runes are from the tree Yggdrassil not giving an entity access to you.

I’d say it’s best to do it in a physical projection or through energy work, mainly because while etheric works it’s not exactly the best way and astral is a mental plane so you’d have to differ from your imagination and actual energy work. because visualization needs to be coupled with energy work to really do anything not just seeing it in your mind.


No, you need to be able to visualise in your minds eye, the more detail the better.

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I would use healing techniques, such as the one I posted this week about formatting the unblemished whole template in green and using that to update the energy. Basically the same visualisation in reverse and you watch it disappear.

Good question - not necessarily, I don’t think. I set my intention that way when I create such things, and you could also set the intention for it for form closed. I feel like there’s so much energy flowing through the area at this point it’s naturally charged, so you have that choice. Then, like an opened sigil in your pocket it should stay open until you close it or destroy it.

The other example I forgot is tattoos. I have three, one is a portal and open all the time, one is enchanted for a deity and active all the time, one is a gate and closes itself and I have to reopen it - I have no idea why it does that - but it’s easy to open just by putting my mind on it.

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Unless you have significant experience, like decades, strong patrons, and have successfully been able to use magick for material gain and healing yourself and others, don’t even think about it, is my very strong advice.


Why, are you like giving them control of your energy system in a contract of sorts ?

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Out of curiosity, why do you advise against it. I’m not thinking about doing anything, but seems like without experience doing such a thing wouldn’t be good? So I am curious as to why.

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Okay a sigil is an interface with a being.

What do we know about these beings?

They very much like to be called forth by humans, and enjoy sharing a physical body for the sensations it can provide.

They can possess and manipulate humans, and make them think the demon’s ideas are their own.

They require something in an alchemical state to form a STRONG manifestation, could be incense burning, could be animal sacrifice (life to death), could be chakra energy coming into your energy body.

So for a beginner with no strength and authority, he is basically making himself the bowl of copal resin or whatever, providing a yummilicious meal to any entity, and then trusting it will leave him or make all his dreams come true, and he’ll be the winner.

It’s like smearing yourself in minced beef them jumping into a tank full of piranhas, and trusting them to only eat the mince.

Just, like, don’t do it - don’t take candy from strangers, don’t leave your car unlocked in a rough part of town, don’t invite entities which we work with BECAUSE they will kill and manipulate humans, so deeply into your energy system you have no way to get them out again.

They are NOT fucking Superman, or Santa Claus sprites who just want every human to be happy and strong and ascended, except the baddie Chruch got all rayciss against them, and if you want proof that’s not some terrible bigoted rant, there is a whole Category on this website describing how magicians called these entities to ruin someone’s life and even kill them:

And no, this isn’t even an “only bad parasites do that, the real deal are all just so kind of marvellous” because hello, reality check time: the very same beings are being thanks on this very forum for destroying people the magician took a dislike to.


This is really sound advice.

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I’m of the mind these days that you should forge a sigil that represents yourself and repeatedly strengthen it and make your own dogmatic energizing magic for self. In life you can live off of others and innovations like many of us do. Or you can create something that others could only dream of and crave upon said creation.

Wanting to be filled or fed from a source is just natural but when there is nothing you go hungry. Turning into a tasty treat isn’t a great idea unless you are purposely luring something that you yourself want to manipulate… like a spider and a trap or similar analogy.

Energize yourself and work to be self sufficient as i see other beings eventually getting tired of the dead weight or turning to feed upon you. Are we eternal? Being eternal food would suck… lol. Vampire humour.


That’s not a bad idea as a basis for magick IMO, originating with building your OWN power, not relying constantly on externals:

Yeah, that’s not really going to happen though and the spirit will easily be able to deceive the person it’s now running like a puppet.


Well, they just like people have their own agendas. Now that makes me wonder why they choose to work with some people over others, since anyone would be a way to experience “physical” reality/body.

I understand your point though. That doesn’t make them evil, evil is subjective. I think their alot like humans in being neutral, some people have very positive healing experiences with the same entities that can/and do easily ruin another person’s life. So I think it’s a individualistic experience.

Maybe it’s kinda like how one person can be really nice, go out of their way for one friend but then take advantage of, or dislike another person. Same person but they just have different relationships with different people. Humans are alot like this.

Although, yeah there’s plenty of people who get “taken advantage of”, or “roughed up” because they don’t know what they’re doing when calling apun certain beings. With the usual “help so and so is ruining my life!” Or people saying their lives have fallen apart when they started to work with certain beings.

Also, not trying to sound like I disagree or anything (sorry) - more so what you said really got me thinking about all this


I can’t say tbh. I tend to dislike hornets and bees. My dad feeds them all sugar water all the time. Now they’re all friendly and want constant sugar. They annoy me as they see a human and ask for sugar or attention. I don’t feed them but they bug me all the same. It makes summer annoying and some of spring and fall. I can’t even tan on the property or do certain taaskd as they search humans out.

If little living spirits can do that then i can just imagine what other dimension spirits can do… and bee annoying. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:


YES, I’ve seen many people who say that only parasites are capable of this, but gods, demons and any species can also interact with a parasitic behavior.


I have my own sigil and have had various people use it as well as myself lol