Placing a sigil under your pillow

Life was in a rut. No organization or routines. Placed lucifers sigil under my pillow and within a week I was sticking to a regular sleep routine, started meditating again, more intuitive and dreams connected to what i asked him to do


congrats! And thanks for sharing

I have been thinking about making a pillow with a sigil and filled with some corresponding herbs and scents to whichever demon I want to lay my head on. I think that’s be interesting.

I’m happy that has helped you. 🤸


I used to do that. Made the huge mistake of putting Belial’s sigil under my pillow, I kept waking up every 2 hours. The King wanted me to do a lot of stuff, but I was really tired. When I put the sigil away, I could finally rest. So be careful who you’re inviting to be with you in bed. They all have different energies. Lesson learnt!

I’m happy for you! Good on you. I use to do it, it helps develop a connection during sleep — depending on the sigil you can either wake up refreshed or groggy!

What I like most about sigils is you can do basically anything with it. It can be stored or burned, but either way it envelops deep connection. I’m now reminded to do it tonight, thank you.