Places we know

So I have been working with vampirism and my astral temple for a long time.I am good at visualising as well.So I can visualize the places where I have been in the past, so going to my ex house and sensing his presence is became a part of my meditation. Since I know his house and all the details I spent some time in there and I can see which room he is inside and what colour he is understand if was just imagine or reality I tried it many time with many people so it was all correct. For example I went to my cousin house and saw her and ring her to say she was sitting her bedroom wearing a green dress and that bwas riight.

If I know the house or place enough I somehow success to go there with my conscious . Its not astral travelling but what is it we call?


It’s called “out-of-body experience” if you travel around, like being in this world but with no body, and “remote viewing” if you just see things without any kind of travel, I believe.


Can I work on that and make it even better? Like listening people in the house?

I think so, but it’s not something I specialise in. This got good results for some people:

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