Places of Power

I have found it very interesting that I have two strong places of power.

One is my golden mansion made of gold …much like gold bars … with a sacred flame in the center of the main room.

The only other things in it …is the golden egg with the sapphires that I threw up.
And two golden swords that hang crossed …

This is my place when I need sacred peace and comfort … when I need to calm everything and set my course. This is my very sacred temple.

The other place of power for me is the black pyramid.
With its golden heiroglyphs and many mysteries.

Belial has told I need to stop playing around spend more time in the black pyramid.
I learn more and more about my godform every time I’m there…

The circle within a circle is there… among many other things…

Some one used my seal and it took them there…
Interesting there is a black sacred flame there. And they asked to speak to the one in charge and discovered that there is a priestess in charge. …who showed him around explained things he saw in the pyramid.

It is so interesting to me that …both my scared places have sacred flames … one a golden flame and one a black flame.

One has so many corridors and rooms and one is huge and almost empty.

I have so much work to do…



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Yep, it’s useful.