Places I’ve gone

So far I’ve gone to my friends house. Annabels museum don’t go their unless you want strong energy. And the acatosh records found my best friends dads file their.


ha ha did you get freaky sex with Annabelle

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and did you scare the shit out of that hag Loraine Warren

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This is what the real one looks like


I went their to experience stronger demonic energy

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did you I actually sense strong positive demonic energy from Annabelle the real one raggedy Anne doll etc nothing harmful

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Can you describe the Akasha records?

Basically a lot of files that’s my perception of it anyway

She’s not harmful it’s just a different sort of energy

Akasha is a place.

Déjà vu the Warren’s are total fraudsters!!! In the 1980s i bought a book published by the Warren’s this so-called pyschic investigator and many of the photos showing levitating furniture all had thin wires holding the items up… The photo you posted was in the book also. He never solved any of his cases. Reminds me of the tv show Ghost Hunters which is horrible with a group of plumbers trying to solve hauntings and occult mysteries.

Annebelle the doll is cute but not a supernatural boobytrap. If they think the cross is holding back the demons inside the glass case good luck.