Pitch black scrying

I was thinking we use black mirrors for scrying right gazing into a black mirror, i thought of something completely different well it will be looking into a black void type of way be like your sleeping but wide awake with eyes wide open be like having a awakening dream, i have tried it not in as dark as i would like to, when i took a shower with lights off while i was taking a hot shower i started seeing a formation of a dragon with demon like appeared before me, okay first part of explaining a bit okay.

Second part, so what you do, use a spare room if have one, or people only got 1 room bedroom is okay, if alter in room or not okay, now third part, block off, any gaps any light shine through, do it a way so if all lights are turned off, the room sit in will be totally and completely absolutely pitch black, it would be like sitting inside of a black mirror, turning your room into a black void this might be how you be able to travel into Hell well entity come through a black mirror, bedroom, room becomes the portal, now when you go to sleep what do you do close you eyes right, and when you close your eyes what do you see, pitch black eye lids, all you need now is a chair to sit in, when you have everything ready turn all lights off, use a small torch to see chair so don’t bang into anything, next sit down on chair make yourself very comfy, turn torch off leave on ground that start gazing into pura darkness without fulling to sleep stay awake for a long time, see if you start have awakening Hell dreams, if people get to go to Hell in there dreams it might just happen.:metal:


2 weeks ago I did the blue ray meditation then after i blew out the candle I was in pure darkness so dark that my eyes after close to 5 min still did not adjust to the darkness. I started to see shapes even a creature hunched over on the sink I thought it was all in my mind until I stared to hear noises in the bathroom like someone was playing with the loundry basket, huge wave of chill stared to run down my spine and started to feel what I had to get out because my thoughts were runing wild and felt uncomfortable.


See when you close your eyes what do you see darkness right, open eyes see everything in home, when go to bed to sleep, when eyes shut to sleep do you know your gazing at the inside of your eyelids like scrying into a black mirror, so that is why i came up with it, scrying into pura darkness like scrying into a black mirror.


I have tried a lot to scry on black mirror but I have not had any success yet…!!