Pillow Book of the Moon

2020 is the year of my awakening and this is a record of my journey.


Though I cannot give the details of my request to Amon yet, I wonder if he gave me some insight today. I felt something strongly in my intuition, something that makes perfect sense, but I failed to consider before. I’ve never felt this secure with my intuition before, even though it has yet to be proven wrong, yet the insinuation from a trusted friend that I could just be deceived by my own wishful thinking felt wrong. I’d be remiss if I did not mention relishing the thought of telling him about my results as they come to pass.

Is this what it feels like to begin awakening and trusting in oneself?
Do demons actually grant us insights through our own inner-voices?
Is this a foretaste of things to come?

I cannot answer these questions for myself yet.

Another flash of insight? Perhaps.
Tonight, it was a prompt to consider approaching my request from different angles.
Like changing someone’s thoughts, so they see things from this perspective instead of that one…
Looks like I’m going to be having a chat with Dantalion tonight.