This pigeon has been coming to our house everyday. Sighting of pigeons is very common in our location, there are tons of them. But the reason, I recognize this one is because it has got a thread tied to its legs.

Do you guys feel that this has an underlying message for me. Good…Bad …anything else?

Can this be a sign from one of the spirits that i am working with or I am just overthinking…

Pls do help with your views and opinions…

I don’t think you are wrong in thinking like it. Will it let you near to take the string off? Maybe you can connect with the message if she lets you. My first thought was try to get the string off.


There are no bad entities, only those who tolerate your existence, and those who seek to crush it.

“There is no such thing as innocence, only different degrees of guilt.” - Warhammer.


Yes…even I feel that it wants me to take the string off.
But I am scared of touching her and hurting her. Hence, didnt try.
Will try doing it tomorrow. Lets see.

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Animals are really receptive to telepathy. Even if you can’t hear her yet. Talk to her via that and even use you voice. If you’re meant to take it off like I feel you are I would just talk to her and move slow. She will let you take it off. I would also talk to the spirits you work with tell them you are ready to receive their message. I honestly think there’s a message there. Who knows it could be a whole new spirit that can help you. When did she start showing up?


Its been 3 days now.
What you said makes sense to me…

There is something that I feel about it. Very positive. I will go ahead and help that lil thing.
Irrespective whether its a message from spirit or now, the lil birdie needs my help, thinks that I can free it up and I shall do it.

Thank you so much, Angelb. :slight_smile:

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I had a thing like this recently too. Little bird fell out of a nest in my back yard, he was gravely injured, brain sticking out of his head. His mother was frantically looking for him. Initially I thought I was going to snap his neck and put him out of his misery, but then I felt this really strong urge to put him in my bird bath.

I did this and he died a couple of hours later, his mother was with him most of the time though. Spirits sometimes get attached to animals, including humans who are also animals, and want you to help them.


Yes I agree it’s asking you for help. Very positive.

If you can get the tread off before it causes loss of circulation and damages his foot that would be ideal.

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I will look for it tomorrow morning…and free it.
I just cant wait for it to come back to me again.
So bad, didnt think of it before.

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I really feel like this is one of your nature spirits calling to you. I am sure once you free her it will all be clear to you. I am actually really excited for you. I work a ton with animals and this may be a start of wonderful things for you :heart: Good luck :smiley:


Hey Guys,

I had posted about a pigeon which used to come to our house everyday way back in October. It had a thread tied to its right leg.
Me and my husband had cut off the string from its leg so that its blood vessels does not get blocked.

Cut to June 2020, we have this pigeon gain visiting our home and sitting in the balcony for hours and keeps staring at us and our home.Its been visiting everyday and what caught my attention is that its right leg is never rested on the ground. Its always in the air.

I have a feeling that its the same pigeon.

Do you guys get any vibe/ messages out of this.
Pls help!