The book Psionic warfare says that a person’s energy is in a photograph of him. Has anyone had success with spells for or against someone using their photo?

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Yes. For basically the reasons stated there - you can send healing or do other stuff with a photo as a link.

Photos are better then writing someone’s name on a piece of paper. A lot of people prefer photos. I know I do. But anything like nails hair or fluids works better. I’ve had clients bring me there’s mans jizz. I tell them just blow him and let him fun in ur mouth. Go to the bathroom and spit it into a cup. I’ve had women do witchcraft to me like that a lot. Lol. Women are crazier and more obsessive than men.

Maybe it’s the childish brain but…ewww…

I have no problem working magick with my semen,but other people…ewww…

Sorry.However,I’ve done tons of healing,and binding magicks with pictures as links.The victim’s(lol,not a very good word to use if you’re talking about healing.XD) birth date,and full name is excellent.

A person’s clothes,blood,and hair are hard to come by.

A picture alone is a step above just a written name but there are other things that can be added with little effort to give it a kick. Even knowing the names of the targets mother and father or the birthday of the target can be a useful boost when no physical links can be had. Using an astral candle to represent a targets zodiac, with their name, DOB and the names of their parents can be as an effective tool as using a poppet with no physical links added to it and easier too.

Like Arcane mentioned personal concerns like clothes, blood and hair are hard to come by in most cases but if the person is local other concerns can be had if one is dedicated and got enough “stalker” in them lol. I’ve fished used gum out the trash before to get someone’s saliva. If you know where someone works and parks there car you can lay dirt or powder and get a foot track, you can call them on the phone and catch their voice in a knot of string.

Also being preemptive can have its benefits. Don’t wait for problems to arise before trying to collect someone’s concerns. Friends and lovers come by for a visit you have plenty of opportunities to collect links. Cigarette butts, wiping one’s saliva off a bottle or can with a napkin, hair if you take their jacket etc. obviously these could have uses besides just baneful magic but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Pictures are great. They are the best way to establish a link.
But they aren’t necessary.
I’ve had success in the past just by knowing a person’s name, though workings like this have a disconnected and non solid feel to them.
But you do what you can.