Pictures of spirits

I just started the mastering evocation course I never really evoked a spirit before.

When you guys evoke spirits do they look anything like what you see Google or the Internet as whole for example something like this.

does it something like this or similar or is it something that’s just indescribable beauty or whatever the case maybe. I have never done evocation so I don’t know.


All of the above! :thumbsup:

This is an image I created that represents how BELIAL most often appears to me:

Image created by Lady Eva in May 2015 & released under CC0 “public domain”


He looks so benevolent. Like his face tells me "come give me a hug :hugs:)


More like “hah, I know you want me to hug you, come 'ere then”.


He’s awesome. :slight_smile:


All of our minds are different and we all have different psychological traits and hang ups. Combine that with our personal preconcieved notions of what that particular spirit should look like. There are certain traits that a lot of people will find in common.

I prefer to learn names of spirits and their qualities so that way they can appear to me how they would like. I usually don’t see them I hear them and when I do see them its usually just for a few seconds. Its usually not necessary for me to see them. Think of it like a friend that you talk to every day on the phone. Do you really need to see them if you talk to them every day?

When I worked through the egyptian gods most of them looked like how they are usually seen. Wadjet appeared as a dark skinned middle aged woman with frizzy hair wearing a nice dress and a cooking apron. She was always trying to be very motherly to me.

Belial took the form of an attractive guy i saw in a dream. He altered that form when he alligned himself with the form. So the guy is now 7ft tall with transparent horns. The times he’s pulled me close I just get a face full of pecs LOL


that image kinda reminds me of toriel from undertale.