Pictures of Altars



Thank you, that looks amazing! My Altar’s still growing, there’s a bunch more stuff I want to get. Working with Lady Lilith has been wonderful, she makes her presence in my life so strong when I was guided onto her path it felt so right and like something I’ve been waiting for my entire life :purple_heart:

Absolutely adore Hecate, she’s got me through some tough times in my life :purple_heart: I actually have a Belladonna plant I grew in her honour :purple_heart:


Thank you!
Oh I love hearing that about both Deities in your life! It’s so fascinating to hear about others experiences. I have just started working with Hekate after a lonnnngg calling that finally intensified to getting my attention. I had to to cut ties with a different Spirit first (I feel like she wants me to say this and that it wasn’t HER) so things are like a slow dance right now. Some days so many signs and others very melllw. I’m exited to see where this takes me, I have asked her for direction. :pray:t3::candle::sparkles:


Well I worked solely with Hecate for at least three years, then she guided me to Lilith’s path. I felt Hecate brought me strength when I was weak, bestowed great knowledge to me and taught me very valuable lessons, then when she was done placed me on Lilith’s path when she felt I was ready, even if I wasn’t ready to leave her yet, I knew it was for a reason and could trust her wise decisions


Oh yes, when Hecate wants your attention, she will definitely make sure she gets it, I get a smile and a warm heart every time I think of Hecate and what she blessed my life with.





I have had an outdoor fireplace for years. I don’t know why I never thought of this until now. A devotional for Ogun who brings strength.


I like to keep it simple and reverent. That’s the vibe I was shooting for.

On a side note. After using that Belial sigil for about 6 weeks and placing blood on it almost daily (mine) all of the white on the actual sigil was red or brown (aged blood is brown). I got an impression one night that I should use the sigil for an alternative purpose. Call it intuition. Maybe it was an impression Belial gave me. Maybe it was simply a creative thought. I don’t know. At any rate. I went into my attic and I placed it facing out and up to the north. Anyone in the attic will only see the white paper back of the sigil. And near the roof peak I stapled it at all 4 corners to the wooden roof decking. You still need a step ladder to reach it. To any other eyes it looks like a label that might be stapled to the wood from the store. Intention: protection for the home and all it’s occupants and contents. I placed it there about 2 days before Christmas 2018. We will see how things go during hurricane seasons in the future. We live in an area of the south we affectionately call “tornado alley” as we get tornadoes frequently. I am also 1 mile from the southern coastline so hurricanes are a real issue too. Hurricane Katrina cause us to practically rebuild the house. The roof was almost completely lost and the interior had to be gutted out and replaced. Brick, cement and mortar was all that was not effected.


@SonSet and @Micah have had an interesting experience with my altar LOL


Very interesting indeed LMAO


we should try this again later down the road when Qayin is more deeply rooted in it


I’mma have you guys Do the same thing g with my altar :smiling_imp:


idk if i wanna do that :joy::joy::joy::joy:


My altar last night during my worship of Lilith as well as Jezebel and Herodias


I use a cuport for my alter and storeage stuff


Beautiful. I think your birthing Venus is strong. :slight_smile:
(Minute of Birth is Daemon.)


I feel and think these pictures are very strongs.


Here’s a picture of my Altar for Black Enchantment i really noticed how big those candle flames are

Before i forget there are 4 Haunted items in that photo, 1 the Haunted charging vessel sitting on the black mirror, 2 the Haunted Dybuck statue between 6 black candles at the back, 3 the Haunted hanging idol at top of picture, 4 the haunted offering vessel just right near balg Belial without a Master awesome book its keep safe in black Grimoire Guard, now waiting delivery of volume 3 Azazel.


Nice looks rad :ok_hand:
I recently revamped my alters but was asked not to share by certain spirits