Pictures of Altars



Update on my altar set up


My other altar



I got the 2 statues at a store that sells incense and many types of Indian, Tibetan and Nepal supplies.


Yes he probably would.

Thank you.


An older pic. consecrating new things and changing it around. Ill have to update in the future.


none of my astral senses are open but I can clearly see a spirit. weird


My altar is wherever I rest my feet. I have found I do not need tools to do magickal workings. I require very little to attain the necessary mental state. I love the pictures of everybody’s spaces. I feel everyone should do whatever it takes to succeed. For me it was learning that I don’t need a bunch of stuff to start doing instead of just reading.



Did you make this? I’m currently working on something similar


No, i commisioned it… the design was my own but i got someone on FB to do the work!


Nice, I’m attempting to make my own




I’ll take pictures of my others eventually.


its better than me using my little sisters learning table lol :joy:



Not really altars. Just some work I’ve created in dedication after evoking.


Top of my altar devoted to my worship of/and magical workings with Dark Lady Lilith




I love it! How has your experience been with her?


This was my latest dark moon ritual for Hekate. :pray:t3: I even went to the cemetery and got some dirt from the crossroads, hunted down willow branches and gave her tea w honey and bread libations. I love going all out for ritual.