Pictures of Altars



Interesting :thinking: i never thought to draw my servitors I just use forms well known to me


There’s a very good reason why I don’t try to draw the beings that have worked for me. Because a drawing of a few thousand stick figures just looks stupid.


The little casket houses the bones of the cat skeleton I found.


where did you get that dragon statue?


Rest easy, kitty. @arianna will take care of you.


I did that by accident once and the servitor behaved characteristically of the form it manifested (War Machine from Marvel). I ended up getting chased in the astrals by a 40 ft military weapon, who had ill intentions. :skull:

I now keep them as generic and personal as possible, at least until I get better at programming them to the point that using familiar objects wouldn’t tamper with its purpose.


Not sure if the pic uploaded but this is my alter . It’s good to see so many different ways to make a alter.



Newest addition to my altar, I got the impression of Lilith when I picked her up.


Everyone of you got beutifull altars, i got small room in my house it is leaved without A light the doors are in wall not everyone can see them, the greatest thing of making altar is that you can make them by yourself, i got problems with trees i just cant chip out them becourse they emitting energy to me… when i was young i was huging trees and its hard to me to cut off the tree it makes me sad anyone have those emotions too? So i think I willmake an altar with… stone bricks and sigils gravered on brass also the great idea for me is gravering spells on the glass for protection ;D


That has got to be one of the smallest spirit boards I’ve seen.


The wee mints are shaped like planchettes <3


That’s what they are called! I just call them the pointer thingy :joy:


Impressive altar


That’s one of them dedicated to Kannon bosatsu (Japanese Kuan yin).


If it works for you that is all you need :smiley:


I will update everyone with my altar space today… Once i set it up lol.


And yes that is my Spiderman blanket. I love it… So screw you. Lol.
Its my new (but old) meditation chair.

Lamia and Astaroth cards on the left, Azazel and Lucifer cards on the right. Other shit too :wink:


I love it. Spiderman would make a great protective servitor, I think.


“Pray to Buddha.”

I like this. Clean, simple symmetry. Balanced. Where did you get the Buddha statue bookends?

I’m thinking, I might do something like this myself but with Jesus statues and photo instead of Buddha. Just to be sarcastic and fuck with my Christian friends when they come over!