Pictures of Altars


A conjuration in action from a couple weeks ago


It is not much but it works for me.


1 of arcángel Gabriel
2 of sallos
3 of Bune
4 Of belial
5 of Clauneck


First ones my personal one the other images are of Morrigan’s Altar.


I saw toothless :joy: what tarot deck are you using?


LOL it’s my favorite fan image of him, she asked me to put it up :stuck_out_tongue:
I can link her DA page later, i have to find her on my list again.
I am using on Morrigan’s altar; Oracle of Shadows and Light -Lucy Cavendish and the Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot.

My Personal altar: The Dragon Tarot -Terry Donaldson.


But does anyone make an altar for a 1 day use? I am making this one this coming Sunday outside to solidify a bond, seal a couple tools, bid farewell to many, and breathe life in a new. Afterwards I’ll be taking it down.


It feels very ancient. Very wise. A lot of listening was involved.


My altar?







Well I don’t consider this an altar but it’s how it looks.


I love the Draconian ritual book


Me too! Me too! :heart_eyes_cat:



Thy picture made me think about a sort of… occult adaptation for xmas:

“Oh this is so nice of thou Timothy” :relaxed:
“At the time of year, when i bring my gifts to ye, thou make a present for me??” :cry:
“Thank for this crystal, and all this delicious energy!”

"And now its time for thy present. -I hope thee will like it " :slight_smile:

“Wow! :astonished: THIS IS AMAZING! A akashic link to the candy dimension?!
Thank you Baphomet”

“thou have been a good little devil this year, thou deserve it!” :smile:


Ignore my flawed grammar, and think about the idea :smiley:
~the demons/gods would bring presents for the little and not so little apprentices of them, once a year :3 …i think that would be cute


Having a little fun w the camera lmao


I love it !