Pictures of Altars


I definitely like this. Especially the pic in the back. Are those rune stones?


Thanks for asking. They are pieces of Texas granite that at one point were all part of the same formation. They bear a sigil of my own design; I place them in strategic locations around town after they have spent awhile on the altar. Together they form a pattern that, for lack of a better name, I call “the web.”


This is not my setup. I wish it was! I just found this photo online:


If I recall correctly that’s John King’s setup from Imperial Arts. His write-ups of Goetia evocations are pretty fascinating considering he claims to accomplish them without entering into any kind of trance.


Yup, the Great Outdoors. Waiting for warm weather to set in. Got a place down the hill, semi private where I plan to set up my outdoor workshop. Not very private, but private enough. Yup, I like your outdoor workshop.






I love looking at these. So much individualism and creativity, but all reaching for the same goals (ultimately, Ascent). Congrats everyone for what you have achieved and will achieve.


May as well jump on the bandwagon. :slight_smile: This is my newest altar. Its very small but it gets the job done.


Nice! Corners are :heart: for a lot of things… :smiley:


This is the altar that I currently use, the book will give it away which current it is. I do have other altars used for other system though for the time being this will be my main focus.


I was going to say “A corner! Smart!” but @Lady_Eva kinda beat me to it. So, seconded!


@PaterOctavius888 are those all yours? They look great.



what main things should you have in a altar. ive never had one before. thanks!



Indeed they are. The first is my Boveda, second is my conjure trunk/hoodoo shrine, the third is Palo, and the last one are my Orishas.


And here is the Eggun