Picture of target

How good does the picture need to be? I took a pic of the target from far away it is a bit blurry,does it matter?


You can help make the link stronger by writing the full name and birthday of the target on the back of the photo. Also the names of their parents will work.


And if your able to get anything they have touched shit even the dirt behind them when they walk is popular in voodoo I believe

Also nicknames if they have one use it and their real name really gives it an added kick imo

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Yes if you can get your hand on anything they have touched it will work much better then a picture. Just remember whoever also touched it will possibly receive the same. Depends on how experienced you are.

Try this: treat the photo as if it actually is the person in question. Know that when you speak to it that you are actually speaking to that person. Stop seeing it as a photo. Anything that increases your ability to start seeing it as a person rather than an object will help. The photo quality is fine btw.

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I have his name.

I will try to get something he touched, I don’t even like being around this dude but i know he smokes so I will try and get one of the cig butts, does it matter if i touch it when i pick it up?

Does it represent the target, for you? If, when you focus on the image, the picture feels like that target, then it is good enough.

Really you don’t even need a picture. So the quality of it doesn’t matter. It’s a focal point. But not necessary.

a picture is only one form of link, the important thing is that the picture represents the person for you. quality of the photo isn’t important, in most cases if it’s needed i just print the shit off facebook.

all that you really need is something that represents the person to you. this can be a photo, or a name and birthday written down, or just a clay figure. it works even if you don’t know the name or apperance of the person (though having one or the other does help)

nah just do a good cleansing after you do it just to be safe