Pick one and stick with it

I just got an Ifa reading from my Godfather and in the odu the story that comes with the sign you cast. It said the reason why nothing has been working for you lately is because your jumping from person to person not waiting for the results to manifest. This is just a suggestion. Pick one spirit to work with. Wait at least 2 weeks until you see results. Then if nothing try again wait another 2 weeks if it doesnt work move on. I guess the best way to put it would be the analogy of You the magician being a sharp shooter. A sharp shooter decides the target he wants to hit aims and focuses pulls the trigger and fires. Focus and intent is everything. When you hear all the guys that get instant results it because they have been at this for years. Years of trial and error figureing what works and what doesnt. Patients is a virtue. I know that goes against what you hear about people saying the balck magiacian wants it yesterday. But that comes with experience. Faith is another word for focus. When the marksman pulls the trigger he has faith that he will hit the target. I’d hate to break it you but nothing happens over night. Meaning that you dont just read a book ask some questions on a forum do a ritual and BAMM!!! in seconds you get what you want. They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in something. That means you would have to spend 2 years straight of just doing what ever you want to become an expert in. Meaning that in 2 years if you just did what you chose slept for 8 hours and woke up every day for 2 years straight you’ll become an expert. and you can get the results that these other guys get. I dont say this to discourage you guys but I’m saying it to put your expectations in check. Intent(Your Goal) Focus faith and patients to give the spirit a chance to do what it does. And most importantly Action on your part. Yes you actually have to get off of your fat ass and try to make what you want happen happen. Good Luck to you all. I hope you all accomplish your lifes desires.

Thanks jaysalamone.

Was just having a conversation about this earlier. Thinking back to all the things I tried and then gave up on. Was thinking that if I just stuck with it so long ago, I’d have made more progress. I finally got results when I found a reason to keep going. You gotta find that inner fire, something that inspires you to push through for the long term.