Physiological Responses


Has anyone noticed physiological responses in their magic? When I get real real real heavy into it I almost vomit. Anyone notice anything like this?

I sometimes collapse and end up somewhere else than where I was originally at. Can’t tell if I teleported or was walking while knocked out. I do occasionally vomit, but not much. Just knocking out.

Ive gotten pretty nauseous when deep in the rapture, but Ive come to equate that the process seems to make my blood sugar drop like a rock. I get violent twitches too, ive heard them referred to as kriyas. Certain entities have made me itch so much that Ive scratched myself bloody. Cold chills and tingles are usually commonplace for me too.

I feel wind on my body, even though the windows and doors are all closed. Also, I vomited several times, but those were the more extreme workings. (Like that time when everything was slowly going darker and darker and I screamed for my life and vomited my existence through the middle pillar, only downwards.)

Ive noticed this quite a bit too, it seems to happen to me whenever a spirit decides to fully enter the area. A bit annoying when Im going to sleep and suddenly feel a gust across my face…because then I have to get up and figure out who the hell’s in my house!

Hahaha! I can relate. When you feel the entity above you, when you’re in bed, do you also hear small electric discharges coming from the presence?

Ectasy, very sexual feeling.

Intense heat growing in myself and then being removed very fast and at once.

Incredible fear like if reality would shatter, eardrum tingling difficult to breath, etc. After that an incredible muscular relaxation as if I were in sauna or something, and then the ectasy begins.

Sometimes I feel like ants are walking through my body, at the begining I will rush and scratch and see if there was an insect there but there was nothing, not even sweat drops or anything.

Hahaha! I can relate. When you feel the entity above you, when you're in bed, do you also hear small electric discharges coming from the presence?

I feel like a buzz similar to many insect flying together, and the funny thing I don’t know if you ever heard that small interference when you answer a cellphone next to some loudspeaker in the computer or some bigger one.

Sometimes I will hear the same interference near my computer speakers and just after that I’ll feel a presence.

I think LotusEater was right. I felt like shit until lunch, lightheaded, sick. I gorged and now am feeling much better.

Lesson learned, proper hydration and nutrition is key.

Hahaha! I can relate. When you feel the entity above you, when you’re in bed, do you also hear small electric discharges coming from the presence?[/quote]
Not usually, since I tend to sleep with earplugs in. Instead, Ive been getting a phenomenon lately thats much more concerning to me. Ive been seeing intense, bright flashes with my eyes closed, to the point where Ive been convinced that someone was standing next to me with a flashlight pointed at my face…or I would see what looks like lightening strikes on a horizon, interrupting the darkness behind my eyelids. I was concerned that maybe I had a tumor or something strange, but I noticed it would go away after proper banishings and such. Thoughts?

I have that a LOT lately. They are because of some workings and invocations I do… But I don’t know if it’s the same reason for both of us :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it’s what makes me constantly start and stop start and stop for months years on end, the worst feeling is a sleep paralysis, and a feeling of something taking over my body when falling asleep ill look around and am ready to see shit start flying around the fucking house, sends me into a panic attack. I get worried I’m becoming possessed this usually happens after weeks of obsessing about a specific spirit. Anyone else notice any of these feelings?

Sleep paralysis is a really good state, from there you can get out in the etheric double. You can cancel sleep paralysis easily by changing the rytm of your breathing, what is mostly the only thing you can actualy move while in that state.

Sleep paralysis is a natural everyday physiological response that the body makes to discconect the voluntary muscular system (since breathing is just semi-voluntary you can still change the rythm of it) so basically you won’t end up running in your bedi f you dream of football.

In that situation you can also destroy astral leeches and threats.

I get worried I'm becoming possessed this usually happens after weeks of obsessing about a specific spirit. Anyone else notice any of these feelings?

Do you banish properly? I do it every night


No I don’t and am going to have to start god being lazy sucks lol but the real reason i was not is because I thought you weren’t suppose to banish before the task was complete? I guess I was confused on that. So if you banish will the entity still complete the task, I do banish but only after and when you go from one to the next it seems one is always hanging around. I should of researched this more.

Jakob, you can do “selective banishing” in which you cast out & ban all entities except the one/s you’re working with, there’s usually a nice way to word it that carries authority and doesn’t sound like a fudge.

Some people banish everything, some never do it, that’s my preferred middle-of-the-road method.

Do you mind telling me how to selective banish? I’ve also noticed when my youngest 21 months gets a streak of frustration/aggression when certain demons haven’t been banished, which is a little unsettling, he just has a different look on his face, he was also born with the vail which I’ve heard has some magical influence so maybe he’s more receptive. Thanks for the quick response.

I’ll try - disclaimer is that I’m mostly self-taught because I used to see this stuff in novels and movies when I was a really small child, we’re talking not yet into double figures age-wise, and I wanted to give it a go, so my methods differ from a lot of grimoires, and they also rely to some extent upon the existing long-term relationships I’ve forged, and so on.

Like all self-taught people there are glaring gaps in my knowledge of formal methods, although I’m playing catchup on that, but in some cases I find I go back to my own tried and true ways anyway, after giving something different a run. 'Kay? :wink:

That said, what you might choose to do depends on your style of evocation & also the nature of the entity, and the relationship you have with them, and if I tried to address all variations I’d only get them too muddled up.

A broad purpose banishing might be to say to that entity, "Go about the task that I have given you with speed and precision (plus any other disclaimers, “harming none I love” or “ensuring only gain accrues to me” - so you don’t get any splashback from your naughtier works), and return to me only when summoned (insert anything you use to denote your authority at this point, e.g.,) in the names of X, Y Z whatever."

That way you’ve not severed the link but they can’t return either, and your usual banishing will take care of any lookie-loos on the spiritual planes.

And then banish all other entities in whatever normal method you use… I use a kind of shielding, for example, so I would banish anything from entering that now I’m done calling an entity in, then re-seal it, but everyone uses different methods.

If the entity is one you trust, and maybe have a good relationship with, then you do whatever banishing/shielding with the caveat that, for example, "I banish from this space all except (name of the spirit) who serves me, and may return upon me to share His/Her favour."

That way if the spirit wants to get you to turn on the TV just as they have a competition giving away the sports car you badly want, they got the key :slight_smile: and can draw your attention to it.

Your son, I don’t know, you could get maybe a talisman or a protective symbol on a bit of fabric you can stitch onto his clothing, or maybe if he has a blankie or teddy bear, attach something to that, perhaps even a guardian egregore to look after him?

Thank you Eva,

I do no nastie workings not that I have a problem with it, just that I have no need, it would take a lot for me to strike out like someone threating my family or what not. But aside from that maybe just some underlying fear that needs conquered from years of conditioning.

it os often told, than young children can see and speak with the spirits. With time when we are growing, we are just losing this ability.
I have for myself very strange memories from being something like between 5-7 and things happening in my house to me. I was siting on the starcaise in our house, and, after a while, I was flying all over the house, mostly in basemens, in the position, like somebody was holding me on his hands in horizontal position. And I remember, I was quite happy and alwas feeling safe. My parents were in the same time watching TV in the saloon, and my brothers I do have any idea :wink:

I do something a little similar to Lady Eva’s method only when I banish I say something like
"I banish and cast out all entities that are here to cause trouble or harm to me and my family.And I welcome those who wish to bring me fortune happiness and ascendancy"

Or something along those lines.I usually do this type of banishing mainly after I call a spirit so the banishing doesn’t affect them.

Hey guys I was wondering about when it comes to physiological changes have anyone been able to achieve drug-induced-like-states?

I mean, I’ve been able to trigger states very similars to a short acid trip and salvia divinorum too, at first I thought what the hell? this must be a flash back but as I sat and meditated on those I could achieve (sometimes easily, sometimes not) the state.

Now, I’ve only used psychodelics so that’s what I’m familiar with but what about other drugs that instead of having an effect more prominent in our awareness has an effect more phyisically noticeable such as cocaine or PCP… or Ivory Wave bath’s salt.

Have anyone achieve such physiological state after a magickal procedure, such as evocation or perhaps something more powerful like demonic or godform possession?