Physically Visible Energy

I’ve an interesting new development to share with you all!

Well, as you may know, most of my true magic, sorcery, is simply energy manipulation. Well, this has gotten to an extreme point.

For one, I can detect energy that moves around me without even trying. This includes when I flex an astral muscle- I can see the energy moving in the physical. If I wanted to extend my etheric body, I could see just how far it was going.

This gets amplified in front of a light source.

If I make a psi ball in front of my computer screen, not only can I clearly see the outline of the psi ball, but OTHERS CAN TOO.


Another thing is the weight of the energy. Recently I was making some modifications to my defenses and prepared to toss out the energy ball editor, when I felt the energy actually roll off of my fingers. I tried mimicking the weight without energy and could not.

I wonder what’s next with this? And if anyone else has had similar energy experiences?


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I have similar experiences since I have worked with Bruce’s book Energy Work. I feel a tingling sensation in my hands all day long and I can direct it towards different parts of my body.
I also know that some people with epilepsy get to be more sensible regarding their own energy right before convulsing.

Thing is I’m a mostly self-taught energy manipulator. I’ve never read a book on the subject.

But that’s an interesting fact about epileptics, considering I know one.

I can see energy and raise it very easily when I invoke YHVH using the ancient gnostic pronunciation. I was quite surprised at first, I thought it was just an illusion or something, but then I verified it and now I got used to it. Cool stuff.