Physical Voices of Spirits

So, since I’ve decided to start regularly evoking entities for the past few months, I had a hard time hearing or seeing things at first. Now I can sometimes see the faint colored silhouettes of figures and hear them in deep trance. As concerning the title, the physical voices of the spirits I’ve heard sound . . . kinda mechanical, like vibratory and “croak-like”. I’ve contacted several spirits who sound like this, so I thought I’d ask some experienced people. Is it typical or do all spirits have their own manner of speaking.

You ever heard a song by the black metal band Inquisition called: Desolate Funeral Chant? They sound very similar. It’s actually kinda funny.

In my experience, that usually means your clairaudience isn’t properly tuned to their frequency yet. The voices should get clearer and more distinct with practice.

The voices of Angels also sound like heavy whispers. I’ve had one infernal spirits whisper. In dreams they actually have human voices. So I guess that may be the case.

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Think of it like static. Your receiver is picking up the signal, now you just have to tune the dial in to the correct bandwidth to clear it.

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The heavy growing static is actually how they sound to me when arriving. Even angels seem to feel like a fuzzy cloud. But they generally fade in from elsewhere, mostly the direction they rule. Demons seem to bring strong thoughts, and mental pictures.

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