Physical Teleportation

Feel free here to share your knowledge and any info on the idea of materializing your body over a large distance at lighting speed. I got the concept of this from reading on the alleged chi abilities that founding father of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba was said to have demonstrated.

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That would take a lot of power and practice, in my opinion…

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The money, materials and time you’d need wouldn’t be possible really.


It is possible… it is extremely extremely sporadic and convoluted though. Doesn’t take as much energy as you think but the mind set you need is either complete obliviousness to absolutely everything or totally alien. I find it is similar to when you distort time and difference using magick such as Fortamecus. Fotamecus -- Viral Time Expansion/Compression Servitor
I started learning such things with that back in the day and after a while of practice you just sorta not sure if you are teleporting short distances randomly or if you are distorting time so much you might as well be. Can never do it at will and only had it happen accidentally along a path I very frequently travel on my walks. I can distort time easy enough and so can others with this being and then by themselves after learning from him but going beyond that is all accidental as of now.
Now on other notes projecting and materializing your astral body is definitely far easier and quicker to learn. We have ghosts and demons and other such things that have managed manifestations strong enough to have seemingly done that.
Don’t dismiss anything as impossible to achieve though. With the right knowledge, skill, and technique anything is possible. It is simply a matter of getting to that point. Though for now better off with time distortion. I believe Chronos will do it for you too or even just pure saturn energy focused on that concept of slowing time or speeding it up.


You are referring to Instant transmission as shown in Dragon ball z by Goku :rofl:

It is absolutely possible to make it happen HUMAN MIND CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING, its just that we dont know how to do that as of now :stuck_out_tongue:

Read the text below, it list some of what might be possible to achieve. Also, Hanuman is said to be giver of 8 siddhis. You might wanna evoke him and ask :wink:

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