Physical shapeshifting

One of the entities I have a pact with described something similar, but applying what he said isn’t easy. I have trouble getting into the right state to do it I think.

With anything of such a high level nature, we must always remember, that it must always be perfected in the mental and astral first. Mental being the first to master, astral the second, and then it become at least possible in the physical.
A good meditation to start working with (one of which I am currently working on my self, but for separate reasons) is to take up any object and place it before you. Study it to it’s most intimate detail. Send balls of your own “consciousness” into it and feel it out. Sense what it feels like from the inside. Try to tap into it’s specific consciousness. Then, with all your will and imagination, focus on what it would be like to actually be that object. Quiet your mind and still all thought. Take on the shape, the feeling, and even where it is spacially. If it’s on your desk, feel the desk beneath you, sense your human body hovering over it and analyzing it.
Apparently, after doing this diligently for some time, you will get to a point to where you will actually transfer into the object and merge with it. After this, use your entire astral body with space and time instead of just the mental body. After mastering it with your astral self - then attempting a full physical transformation may become possible.
… or so as I understand it.


I think it’s possible for us to physical shape sift, didn’t we not physical shape sift form a ape to man!

Crossing the veil of reality and unplugging from the matrix of the 5 senses and truly activating the soul is an amazing thing.

Shape shifting is fascinating and useful but I dare say it would never have its power unveiled in all it’s fullness, I hope to be proven wrong

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I think the means is the end, the process of learning how to shape shift allows an immense shattering of the concept of “self”. Once one is able to move further and further beyond the idea of this limitation greater understandings and abilities would present themselves.


There is a point though, the process behind shapeshifting is the basis for alot of other techniques , telekinesis for example is a type of shapeshift, your making the object you move with your mind a part of yourself. What I think would be more useful then changing into an animal would be changing into a ball of light as it has been said by those who experience the ball of light form, they can physically travel anywhere in existence.

not to mention, there are spiritual properties to certain things you might shapeshift into, and shapeshifting is a good way to gain access to those.


My reason would be so I could get away from society. Living up in the mountains or a zoo would be epic… Animals don’t have to worry about bills, taxes, or any of that shit


Yea, if you could spend like, 10-20% of your time as an apex predator like a dolphin, eagle, etc., you would have no material needs - you could easily hunt down what you need to live pretty quick and easy, and you could be in any kind of remote geography you choose.

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Yea, if you could spend like, 10-20% of your time as an apex predator like a dolphin, eagle, etc., you would have no material needs - you could easily hunt down what you need to live pretty quick and easy, and you could be in any kind of remote geography you choose.[/quote]

If I was going to turn into an animal I’d probably turn into something crazy that doesnt normally exist in this timeline like some sort of monster.

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Rape ghost

I suppose I would shapeshift into anything starting in a “rape” (except for rape victim lol). For example: Rape Yeti or Rape Panther. Haha. has some good info on shape shifting

That was too funny necro! Made me spit my coke all over my phone, thanks mate. Those old guys are the worst thing I’ve ever seen. People think demons are evil… They haven’t seen this.

Lol I can’t believe you actually looked at that link. That is some nasty shit right there

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Haha, didn’t even look at the link name, I just clicked it. Bad move, scarred for life now. I’ll put that down as a lesson learned…don’t trust necro’s links lol!

lol, if it wasn’t for the library computer, I would be in the same position as Ryan! It really sounds like something that can cause blindness to your eyes.

You don’t see the value ? Imagine you’re falling of a cliff and shift into a bird. Imagine you fall into a freezing lake and because you know how you shift into a sea lion . Etc…etc… I could go on for many more, but I think u see my point. Better to have the skill and maybe need it than to need it but can’t do it.

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I never really thought about shifting into an animal. I’d like to learn it to just perfect my human appearance.
If I was going to completely shift, I would shift into another person, do whatever I want, then shift back.

I think shape-shifting would be a great feat to master. You would have to master instant materialization, and true conscious transfer to any point in existence. At first thought this seems like a very impossible goal. A year ago I would have completely scoffed at the idea and relentlessly made fun of this idea. However after the things I’ve experienced lately I no longer believe in impossiblity. Experience is key here. Has anyone experienced shape-shifting in the physical? If so how did you do it? I’ve achieved this on the astral plane, changing my own shape, but also the shapes of things in my surrounding or other people. But never in the physical plane. How does one do this? Who’s a master that claims to have done so?

In long conversations with my teacher spirit and supporting research I’ve found six approaches to shape shifting:

  1. Poison path- the use of herbs and hallucinogens to bring on an animal consciousness, often in co-operation with spirit possession. It appears that no, or little physical shift occurs in this practice.

  2. Astral/psychic- the worker projects their conciousness it and possesses a living animal. No physical shift occurs.

  3. energetic/chi- a person learns to build an energetic thought form and make it a, more or less, solid reality. Some traditions suggest this is done around the physical body, other suggest the worker projects their consciousness into the empowered thought form. No physical change occures.

  4. sprit/familiar path- in one approach that familiar is the one shifting forms and you ride along, usually done with more physical form taking beings, like djinn. The other method involves the spirit actually changing your physical shape. In the first case, no physical change occures. In the latter case physical change absolutely occures.

  5. Spirit adoption- the worker “marries” into a spirit family with shape shifting abilities. Their human nature is “removed” and shifting becomes possible. Forms will vary by the kind of entity that accepts you. Physical change does occur.

  6. Transformation path- the worker learns to access the underlying structure and life force of anything within their awareness. Most of this is done in Astral, but eventually it can be brought into the physical world. Once the worker learn to bring their work into physical reality they can assume any form for which they know the “pattern”. This is the hardest path, but the most versital. This path requires the ability to have zero atrachment to your physical form. Mild attachment can cause features of an assumed form to carry over, and insanity is very possible as a result. I don’t have confirmation, but a variation of this path is probably what is used by “skinwalkers”. Physical change does occur.

Other possible paths: substantial evidence in folklore speaks of the use of coats, cloaks, shirts, belts, or skins that make transformation possible. I suspect this is true, but have no specifics at this time. Also, recent interaction with the spirit Sekhmet alluded to berserkers and wyndigoes using ritual canibalization of the hearts of their enemies to allow for shapeshifting. She made no mention, but cannibalism features into many shifting tradition including the loup-garou of medieval France. I have no specifics on this path or confirmation of it reality at this time. If real, both these paths would likely allow for partial or complete transformation.

My path has been Transformation and therefore I know the most about that one. I have not shapeshifted beyound spontaneous healing at this time. I’m only now reaching a point where I could consider larger changes without the risk of death, form loss, or insanity. I hope to be able to say more in the years to come.