Physical shapeshifting

Hello so morphosephram turned out to be a fake book and a fraud so came somebody give me some insight or a ritual that shapeshifting can be achieved through it?

While I’m hesitant to write off anything 100%, as in zero chance of it ever occurring, I think physical shapeshifting (i.e. to a werewolf or animal or something) is pretty high on the list.

Physical changes which manifest in the real world, wrought on your human body? Sure, I believe it’s possible. The ability to completely (permanently, or temporarily) transmute your entire physical morphology? Yeah, not sure about that one. Were it even possible, I believe it would take decades of study and an unrelenting everyday focus on that goal.

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i believe in it too i have some info on the matter if you wanna chat about it

also i have anthology of sorcery and saw the rite of the werewolf by cody magus

My belief is based on the Law of Assumption, so I am strictly commenting from that paradigm. Beyond the Law, I don’t believe it is possible for a human to change (to an animal/werewolf/succubi/demon/mermaid/etc). It is my belief that this kind of transmutation relates mostly to the astral realm or how you perceive yourself in dreamworking/pathworkings/rituals/etc. I am not the best person to chat with about this because it’s not an area of interest for me or something I am dedicated to discovering or mastering. But I do wish you the best of luck and hope you find what you’re looking for :four_leaf_clover:


what about soul transfiguration like change your soul to another thing won’t that change some physical stuff?

Am not the best person to ask about that either I’m afraid, it’s not of personal interest to me. However I do recall seeing a few other threads talking about it, so you might want to search the forum for something like “soul transmutation” or similar keywords.

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I also read a bit through the Morphosephram. How did you find out it was fake and a fraud?

What is true imo is that you gotta change and raise your aura. For example, people who shapeshift into vampires, werewolves etc. will need to have a fitting and strong aura around them, which can be reached by consistent meditation and reading/looking through literature, photos, movies of what you want to shapeshift to.

Yes this is possible. It may take a toll on your body though

Referring to it been done on a soul level. There might be minor physical and mental changes too.

oh that is gonna be a long message but william claimed very outlandish stuff
claims regarding the golden dawn for example is outlandish
first off his claims in the golden dawn like he was a high ranked member and talked with alester crowly
and he didn’t give proof for that
he also claimed he has been there for a long time but in reality the golden dawn were there for a short time
and all other orders who claim to be from the golden dawn or the heritage of the golden dawn are faker or are people who just copied the work
also comparing his work to the golden dawn is like no his work 0% golden dawn at all
also his claims on twitter is itself stupid and outlandish
he targets children who feel this stuff or such or want it
but in reality his methods are useless
even if they work they didn’t reach very far like some level of adept still
speaking of shapeshifting yes it is possible and has been practiced in history
like for example in the navajo practice you have the yee naaldoshii or skinwalkers
now skinwalking practice is heavily closed and not discussed with outsiders
you also have shifting rituals rites one can undergo to shift immediately
it’s called rites of lycanthropy
his methods work illusonary or astrally not physically i met people who i asked to give me a proof or video of them changing using his “work” and i didn’t see anything
his also methods are not the true methods mentioned mythology which is a further suspicion to the claims he claim
i also checked his other books they are either fantasy or not helpful
like his book on the african gods
it’s just book of sigils and names that’s it
also his story and history on vampires is the stupidest thing i have heard
sargon never practiced magick nor was turned into a vampire
sargon was just a king who a goddess loved
but didn’t become a vampire or such
also his “mobloch” demon there is no mentions of it in any other book only his
and from his desc of it it’s doesn’t look like moloch
also the allowat sakima
allowat sakima was just a made up entity made by some teenage campers


not my message but i saw it on a discord server

Thanks for taking your time to write this, I saw some elements of immature fantasy in the Morphosephram too but this confirms it. Glad I didnt pay for it lol.

The author is insane and threatens people to cut them off of source on reddit and twitter. The book itself is full of nonsense, that doesn’t even need to be said


What @Veil said. And as I’ve said before, to do this you can’t have a 3D pshycial body, as all e beings that do do this do not either. You first have to ascend your body to be higher dimensional or plasmic. Then you can manifest down into 3d physicality as you want.

I think it would be easier to get enough control over the mid state in between incarnations to choose to incarnate into a race of beings that already do this than change a human vessel into one.


What I think is that breaking some limits possible with some very advanced methods, talking about growing taller than your dna would allow you, but turning into anything else is fantasy, and therefore, something you can do on astral/higher.


Michael w. Ford has mentioned some things in his books.

I think it’s in book of the witch moon where he recounts walking through some really bad cold weather without getting hypothermia and making it home.

Really it comes down to mental, or psychological shift that can help you overcome some limits when the need arises I think.

But growing fangs and hair and whatnot, yeah I very much doubt that.


we can’t say that it has gold in it and it can be usuable but the author threats and claims are getting stupid get the book it won’t harm you it all it can be useful but just stay away from the author madness

it has gold in it if you want it you can buy it it’s usuable

it has gold in it it’'s usable get it if you want
also mobloch is a real entity he is like a undead god or being of shadow
also turned out the author meant by allowat sakima he meant the great spirit which is a real native american deity
so the book is legit also the book about the african gods turned out i was wrong the info i received was wrong i didn’t have the book back then so it finish this the author is legit some but his threats is bullshit

In my experience shapeshifting is more of an astral thing. But what I notice as a sorcerous person is that depending which spirit I am tapping into I look completely different when I look in the mirror because the perception of me around me changes. Exteriorly this will also lead to different habits (smoking drinking laziness vs health consciousness activity) and manners of dress. But even before that just mere perception changes how your features are received. Work with a Venus spirit, you will seem more beautiful and your features will seem softer and friendlier. Solar spirit brighter, more open. Work with a Saturn spirit, you could seem harsher. And so on and so forth. Super generally speaking. I it can get intense enough that you do feel you are staring at a different person.