Physical Materialisations Experiences!

Is it actually possible? Comment your experiences.


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It is possible, though a lot of the time it takes a lot of energy on the spirits behalf to physically manifest to us.

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I can say from personal experience that demons can manifest into physical beings that you can interact with just like with any other person (touch, etc)

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Absolutely, heres an important thing to remember just because its possible and is a great experience doesn’t necessarily mean they appear physically all the time, nor would one require a physical manifestation/materialisation all the time.

They can appear semi-transulcent, wherein their form switches from partially physical and astral space. Sometimes a temporal spontaneous physical form such as a sudden fleeting silhouette, a shadow or aura of the entity. Other times they can only be beheld through spiritual sight, sometimes through a medium such as a mirror, bowl, water, etc.

The times where they do appear physically also has different degrees of intensity sometimes it can be so physical that it blows the mind, sometimes not so much. Although there isnt a need to always have them in this physical form sometimes its a whole lot of work for nothing as long as the spirit is manifested and you can behold/commune with it, thats all that matters.


I remember it whas exactly 2 days ago whereas i peformed a selfempowerment Daimon ritual . Before ive gone to my place in the woods before night i took a piss.And i at the exact time i did it there, something of my past hindu studys poped into my mind about how certain spirits house at certain threes becuase well i took a huge piss at the three,and it could posibly offend them-it like out of nowhere.

So did my ritual and the ritual whas so powerfull i saw nearly every litle spirit Manifest there it was beautyfull for me they look just like a accumolation of colored energys into different forms sometimes antrophomorphic sometimes humanlike sometimes just light.

But well i was finished wandered in the dept of the night to my car back again.And well see there out the bushes three, 2 white glowing angry fucking eyes just dead end starin at me.It whas just so strange when it happened. U know it is this uncanny feeling is that fucking real or not ,wtf happens right now ,damn…it whas so imposing everytime my eyes met its eyes i heard a deep vibration in my head.This figure or what else whas its eyes first looked like stars in the sky but this star than glided at the exact location where ife pissed. Like damn what u doin fucker?! It tryed to give me the evil eye and these strange vibrations.

But it pretty much whimped away bc i am heavily guarded and guided by my own doing and that of my guides.

I just thought fuck that and imediatly drove back to my home and after that i think twice where i piss.


Spirit caught on camera last night .
Did a ritual to a bunch of spirits last night on shrooms
And caught this pic

I was doing a meditation and I asked one of my guides to protect my space from any outside spirits…I work with beelzebub and Marquis andras.

Let’s just say andras is extremely clingy and protective of me.

Well that night a uninvited spirit popped up. Some judah ghost. Suddenly I heard 5 loud thuds and sounds of dragging something or someone and I heard teeth being knocked across the floor and the sound of someone bashing someone’s head against the wall. It sounded like it was happening in the other room.

No one was there…only me in that room. I believe it was spiritual sight.

The sprit crossed a line and a boundary. 3 demonic sprits connected to Andras proceeded to beat the spirt to death literally and throwing him out of my meditation space. They did not take kindly to his presence.

Talk about a fight and a altercation in a quiet house. It was terrifying but beautiful.

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