Physical Healing

Does anybody know,any spirit who can physically heal and repair any part of the body and get rid of bodyfat? I have worked with Raphael but to no avail. Also is anyone hear who can help with healing/health related areas, pm me if you can.

Yes, Work with the plant spirits physical vessels. Particularly camomile extracts, DIM (cruciferous based extracts), myomin, and other anti estrogenic herbs. Estrogen related fat dominance is wide spread now with organic and synthetic toxins, agitated by poorly combined diets and exercise. I suggest daily detoxing as well as intermittent fasting, ideally of the ketogenic style. Low carb, high fat. This style takes about a month to adapt and build up the necessary enzymes. So slowly lower your daily carbohydrate intake. Some hill sprints will sure help as well. Use only nasal breathing. Ave Satanas.

I have no idea what half of that stuff was, but yeah, it sounds like this guy knows what he’s talking about!