Physical feelings during evokation

hi, yesterday i was trying to comunicate with ereshkigal, meanwhile i was using her chant to focus on her, i feel like a sort of nausea, im wondering if that’s rare during evokation. thanks

Nausea is generally caused by taking in unfamiliar energies. Sometimes, if you are calling a spirit for the first time, you may experience it until you push through and adapt.

However, one thing to keep in mind, though, is that you will not always be compatible with every spirit. If you continue to chant but the nauseous feeling doesn’t go away, it might mean you are simply not compatible or ready for the energy of Ereshkigal.


:open_mouth:,ok so that’s normal until i adapt to that energy but would last due to a lack of affinity with the spirit that im trying to contact, thanks for make it clear

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